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Day 18 Don't use lock down to eat more

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Being Isolated is NOT a good excuse to eat more

Day 19

8 Tips to stop you turning into a couch potato? Being stuck at home with little to do can lead to comfort eating. Maybe when you order food or go to the supermarket you pick up a few little extra 'Treats' to make you feel better. Maybe you have found you have less desire to more and spend much more time in front of the TV, computer or mobile phone. When people become immobile or there is a big change to their every day living food or alcohol is often the chosen to help get them through. Here are some tips you may consider if you want to stay healthy and not put too mach weight on during lock down. 1. Stop buying the treats, if they are not in the house you won't eat them. The same goes for alcohol, don't purchase so much just have 1-2 glasses 5 days a week instead of a bottle a night. 2. Don't use the staying at home as an excuse to wear elasticated baggy clothes all the time. If you do this you may find you are unable to get into your normal wardrobe of clothes when you return to work. If you wear clothes that just fitted you before this all started you will notice early on if your weight is going up, that way you can reduce your intake and increase your output until you feel comfortable again. 3. Move - Set an alarm or make sure you get up every hour at least, this will not only allow you to burn more calories but will keep your muscles and joints from seizing up, sitting for long periods is really bad for your health. 4. Exercise for at least 30 mins every day. This doesn't have to mean running brisk walking is just as good but a gentle stroll doesn't cut it sorry. 5. Chew your food slowly, so that you taste every mouthful take your time to savor your food to allow your body to digest it. If you chew your food until it is liquid before you swallow it you will find you will feel fuller quicker. 6. If you feel you need something sweet or something else immediately after a meal wait for 30 minutes, have a cup of tea, do something that keeps your hands busy, often you will find the feeling will pass as it was only habit. 7. Make sure you have good variety in your diet to ensure you immune system is kept in optimal condition. Like Vitamin C Zinc, potassium Magnesium, if not take a supplement, if your body is lacking in nutrients due to poor diet you will still feel hungry. 8. If its raining find an exercise video online to follow, learn a new dance or create your own gym from stuff you have around your house. Make it fun. Take care Kymberley If you are concerned about a loved one Contact me Now or Treatment available over Skype/zoom or in person.

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