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Day 25 Sometimes you just have to laugh

How COVID-19 is affecting businesses

Day 25 Time for a laugh

Latest news there has been a loss of a few local businesses due to COVID-19.

Our local Lingerie store who sold the most amazing Bra's has unfortunately gone bust, women everywhere are going to have to jog more slowly due to risk of black eyes.

The Local army are concerned that the manufacturer of the marine submarines has gone under and the food blender suppliers at the same time have gone into liquidation.

The situation seems to have affected all sorts of businesses as even the local dog kennel has had to call in the retrievers.

You would think the hobby shops would have thrived but I also heard that a company supplying paper for origami enthusiasts has folded.

Between you and me, and this is highly confidential, I have also heard that the local strip club has gone tits up.

Interflora is hanging in there and is pruning its business, but unfortunately it is too late for Dynorod as they have gone down the pan. Hang in there, keep smiling. Best wishes Kymberley If you are concerned about a loved one Contact me Now or Treatment available over Skype/zoom

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