Day 28 Light at the end of the Tunnel

I don't know about you? but I am feeling more positive that we are going to get out of this soon. I have found since yesterday that I suddenly have more energy, motivation and hope that our freedom will be returned. However I am also realistic that things may never turn back to what we deem as normal. It is up to us to decide what we want and need. There has been a myriad of news, media, social posts about the 1% taking over the world. The government wanting to control us and compulsory vaccines. It is all very scary, but we must remember one thing we have learnt during this time "we are all in it together", and there is strength in numbers. politicians make decisions that will maintain the

Day 25 Sometimes you just have to laugh

How COVID-19 is affecting businesses Latest news there has been a loss of a few local businesses due to COVID-19. Our local Lingerie store who sold the most amazing Bra's has unfortunately gone bust, women everywhere are going to have to jog more slowly due to risk of black eyes. The Local army are concerned that the manufacturer of the marine submarines has gone under and the food blender suppliers at the same time have gone into liquidation. The situation seems to have affected all sorts of businesses as even the local dog kennel has had to call in the retrievers. You would think the hobby shops would have thrived but I also heard that a company supplying paper for origami enthusiasts has

Day 24 Adjusting

Is social distancing going to be a permanent requirement? I have so many questions like I am sure you all do, as to how different our lives are going to be when the lock down is lifted. Like when will I be able to hug my parents, children and grandchildren again? Will we allow a to government dictate to us that we cannot have close contact with our loved ones? How will that affect our relationships? We cannot know the answers to these and many questions and we all know the media are biased and often do not print the truth, so who can we believe? Is it any wonder we can begin to feel powerless at these times even though we are safe in our homes right now. It is so easy to get wrapped up int

Day 23 Finding the Silver Lining

One thing I have learnt in life is to always look for the silver lining. Sometimes that is easier said than done, and there have been times when I just felt trapped, powerless and struggled to raise my emotions to a positive place. BUT it has always worked out in the end. I was concerned how this lock down was going to affect my business and my clients. I thrive on helping others it is who I am and the thought of not being able to connect and help my clients really concerned me. Although I have worked with clients online overseas with great success my local clients were reluctant to give it a go, and this concerned me. Then I received this email from one of my very dear clients and I can now

Day 22 What have you learnt during lock down?

Day 22 As we move into our fourth week of lock down it is time to reflect on what we have learnt. There have been many positives about this time and stories to tell to future generations. Here are a just a few I have discovered: I love working from home, but I also like working in my clinic, so would like to continue doing both. My work is important to me, it is my identity and I don't want to retire for many years. I live in a beautiful part of the world with an amazing community of people and I have grown to appreciate that more as I see other areas fighting amongst themselves. I'm so pleased I live just down the road from my wonderful parents and am able to support them during challengin

Day 21 Three weeks in

Yeah! Day 21, three weeks in, how are you doing? The lock down is affecting people in so many different ways. It can depend on many different factors, like who is in your bubble, where you are residing, whether you are working or not. For many they now have the added task of having to home school the children. No easy task especially as the classroom management is very different in school than it is at home. I must admit I often say if I had my time again I would have home schooled my children but it is easy to say, I may have only lasted two days, who knows :-) Being forced out of our comfort zone can create a variety of negative emotions and this is perfectly normal. It is important that

Day 20 Kick off your shoes

Firstly I would like to apologise for yesterdays unedited newsletter. I was distracted and pressed send before I had read it through fully and checked it, which resulted in a newsletter with poor grammar and a heading stating day 18. It shows this lock down is affecting us all and I hadn't even been on the wine :-) Anyway today is all about reconnecting with nature. As the grass begins to recover from our dry summer it is time to enjoy the feeling of the new plush grass under your feet. Research shows walking in nature barefoot is therapeutic. Give it a go tomorrow, in between the showers. mbgmovement explains it all below: Walking barefoot, also known as "earthing," has gone from being a

Day 18 Don't use lock down to eat more

Being Isolated is NOT a good excuse to eat more Day 19 8 Tips to stop you turning into a couch potato? Being stuck at home with little to do can lead to comfort eating. Maybe when you order food or go to the supermarket you pick up a few little extra 'Treats' to make you feel better. Maybe you have found you have less desire to more and spend much more time in front of the TV, computer or mobile phone. When people become immobile or there is a big change to their every day living food or alcohol is often the chosen to help get them through. Here are some tips you may consider if you want to stay healthy and not put too mach weight on during lock down. 1. Stop buying the treats, if they a

Day 18 Think before you act

Day 18 Think before you take action Sometimes when we feel frustrated we make rash decisions, think we know best or just don't think clearly at all. I have unfortunately experienced some peoples 'judgement' on social media when they have had differing opinions to mine. If you follow me you may know I have been posting some information that I have been looking into and asking people to have a look and make up their own minds on what they think. I believe it is important that we look at the bigger picture and how this situation may affect us in the future, especially with the suggested compulsory vaccinations. I am opposed to this and others think it is a good idea, and that is fine but: I be

Day 17 Where are you

Day 17 Time to change zone We are hopefully past the half way mark in New Zealand or, maybe not we will have to wait and see. It is time to take stock of where you are now along your journey. Are you still in the Fear Zone? If you are it is time to back away from the media. Take a few days off, not listening to ANYTHING about the virus. Switch off from everything apart from your own environment. Learning Zone. Are you frantically looking into the answer, the reason, or are you comfort eating, blobbing out binge watching TV? I strongly believe we should be well informed, explore, research, look into information outside the media; however it is easy to become consumed by this, frustrated, even

Day 16 Beware of Scams

Day 16 Easter is going to be very different this year. Keep your mind open and stay in contact with family and friends. Are you beginning to lose your mind? Hopefully not, be warned that in times of fear, scammers take advantage. There is so much information and opinion on 'What is really going on' that it is easy to get caught up in it all. All I can advise is do your own research, not everything is at it seems and media are there to make money so the more shocking it is the more stories they sell. Media is also biased as to who is funding them so again keep an open mind. The most important thing is we keep safe physically and mentally and keep those connections going through facebook me

Day 15 Be Kind

Day 15 I heard from a friend today how her local community are arguing, running each other down and complaining. I feel so privileged to live in Omokoroa where the community comes across as supportive caring and friendly. It doesn't take much, just a smile when you go out for a walk, an offer of support where you can and respect. Please consider this where ever you live, be kind, smile take a deep breath and tell yourself you are safe, keep your happy hormones flowing, we are all in this together. Best wishes Kymberley

Day 14 Congratulations

Congratulations you have survived the first two weeks of Lock down Losing our freedom and coming to terms with something as crazy as this lock down can make us feel out of control. Obviously, this is a much bigger sacrifice for some as it is for others, but it has and will affect us all in some shape or form. I can imagine that our important essential support workers would love to be made to stay at home with the family, whilst others, are finding it lonely and may be struggling after losing connection to family support in the physical sense. These first two weeks have been a time to try and make sense of it all and it will have affected different people in different ways. Some may have

Day 13 Laughter is the best medicine

Do something that makes you smile When we are taken out of our comfort zone or we feel out of control of our situation or future, we can lose our sense of humour. It is important to actively seek out things that create joy or make us laugh. Avoid getting sucked into the ‘doom and gloom’. Try some of these to lighten your mood: Switch off the T.V. and listen to some uplifting music. Phone a friend who makes you laugh. Go down memory lane within your bubble remembering embarrassing or funny things you have experienced Go back to the old party games like Charades, Twister, even hide and seek with the people in your bubble Practice an online dance class or Zumba, (I know when I do these it is h

Day 12 Limit your Media Exposure

Day 12 Limit your media Fear and Anxiety live in the mind. Most of the things we worry about in life are just thoughts. The majority of us at this time right now we are safe. It can be tempting to search for information to find the worse case scenario. This is to seemingly inform and protect us. It doesn't. In order to maintain good mental health you need to focus on the positive things. I'm not saying ignore what is going on, that would be foolish. What I am saying is Look at the government guidelines, follow those and then go and find something fun to do. Listen to your favourite music, be a kid again and play with the children and their toys. Focus on three things you are grateful for (ma

Day 11 World Meditation day

This post is calling for those of us who believe in a higher power or who use meditation to calm our minds and maintain our mental health. There is a world organization asking for us to meditate at 2.45pm NZ time but all across the globe at the same time. The link below will take you to a guided meditation or you could just use one you normally use. If you don’t presently meditate why not give it a try. Just find a comfortable place to sit or lie, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. To start just do 5 minutes. Every time you find your mind wandering just bring it back and focus on your breath again. It is normal to find this hard at first as our minds are normally very active.

Day 10 Change Direction

Now we are 10 days in you may have found you have picked up some bad habits. Maybe that is eating too much or staying in bed too long, drinking more alcohol than normal or just doing mind numbing activities all day staying in your pajamas and blobbing on the couch. Now don’t get me wrongdoing some of these things for the short term isn’t a problem BUT if you continue with these bad habits over time, they become your new ‘Normal’ and could cause you problems in the future. Set yourself one task each day so that you feel you have accomplished something. It doesn’t have to be huge. Maybe it is something that takes you towards something you have wanted to do for a while. For example, if it is lo

Day 9 Coping with children

For those of us whose children have flown the nest during Isolation our time is our own to choose what we wish to do; However, for those who have young children at home, suddenly they become a parent, a teacher, and an employee. All these roles can be difficult to juggle. not to mention having anxious children as their normal routine has been unexpectedly changed. We all know that children need boundaries. When it comes to children’s mental health, for them to feel ‘safe’ they need structure, boundaries and routine. If this is planned it also, in the long run, can make it easier to manage the work - family balance. Most parents know that children need to let off steam or exercise. Imagine if

Day 8 Learn something new

I was once told if you spent only 2 hours over 5 years studying something new you would become an expert in it. If you are passionate about that subject it would be easy. It is so easy to learn nowadays with online resources. Gone are the days of having to spend years in a University or polytechnic to learn a skill. OK yes some employers are still old school and only want people with a certain qualification but all this is changing now as experience and reputation goes much further. My fascination with Hypnotherapy started over 25 years ago after a recommendation to visit a local hypnotherapist when I was suffering from stress and anxiety. The change was so dramatic that it started my journe

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