Is it really that easy?

Delete Do you sometimes wish you could just hit the ‘delete’ button? What an amazing tool that would be. Well the truth is you can and you should, it is the easiest way to remove negative unproductive thoughts from your mind. As the Law of Attraction shows what you concentrate on, focus on with emotion and regurgitate over in your mind you will attract more to you. Say you have had an argument with a friend or a partner. You are feeling frustrated and hurt about it and you feel that you are in the right and they are wrong. You keep playing it over and over again through your mind to prove to yourself that you were right. Each time you do this however your emotional feelings get stronge

Rewind and live like a child again

What is your “brain plasticity switch?” As children, we absorb new beliefs and ideas like sponges. If something challenges a past belief or experience, we don’t get attached to one point of view — our opinions and beliefs are malleable. From birth until about the age of 12, our brains have a tremendous amount of plasticity, as they are making millions of new connections between neurons every minute. At this point, our brain plasticity switch — the ability to be open and receptive to new beliefs — is turned on. However, once we become teenagers and young adults, we start to become creatures of habit. From this point on, we begin to simply rely on our memory banks to help us make sense of the

Be True to Yourself

Many of my clients come to me because they have lost their sense of who they are. We take on so many roles as employee, parent, child, carer, social friend and often we feel we need to take on a different role in order to be accepted in each area. After years of playing these different and often conflicting roles we forget who we truly are. This is often diagnosed by friends and family as 'mid life crisis'. In fact it is often after the children have left home and you move towards middle age that you start to look at your life and wonder if it has been wasted. You begin to realise that you are not immortal and you spend most of your life working in maybe a job that doesn't fulfill your emoti

Live the Life of your Dreams

Rapid Transformation Therapy is an amazing treatment which removes the blockages of the past holding you back from your dreams. Previously only available in the U.K, now available here in New Zealand. Email to find out more.

Everyday life can be hard

However hard you work, whatever you do, someone may tell you it isn't enough. It hurts when someone criticizes your work, you take it personally as if they have made a comment about you. Why is that? Why can't we just shrug it off accepting that this is just another opinion, or look at it objectively to see if it could be improved without accepting any feelings of inadequacy? Usually if you take on board others negative feelings toward what you do or say it means you lack confidence and don't think you are good enough. I'm here to say you are good enough, few people deliberately make a mistake to stuff a company up, we are all human and learn as we go along. Can you imagine if someone told

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