Day 7 Relax and Reflect

Congratulations after today you have completed your first week. use today to rewire your old core beliefs and triggers, to more useful ones, Meditation or self-hypnosis is ideal for this work. Meditation is also vital for your mental Health. Here are the latest findings on the benefits of meditation as recorded by Healthline: 12 science-based benefits of meditation Reduces Stress Controls Anxiety Promotes emotional Health Enhances self-awareness Lengthens attention span May reduce age related memory loss Can generate kindness/ improve emotional intelligence May help fight addictions Improves sleep Helps control pain Can decrease blood pressure No nasty side effects. Meditation is also free,

Day 6 Relationships and Communication

Because I work with clients globally other countries have been in lockdown for longer than those of us in NZ. Statistics show that during stressful times relationships can suffer the most, especially in these unusual times when people are forced to stay with the elected few and unable to let off steam with family and friends when things are not going to plan. Now is the time to learn more about your partner, children, colleague that you are in isolation with. Strong Emotional Intelligence is the key to strong relationships. This means not only have a strong understanding of your triggers and emotions but also an understanding of the emotions and triggers of the ones who you spend time with.

Day 5 Research

Now you have a greater understanding of what you would like to change in your life it is time to do some research. The internet is an amazing tool with so much information. By using YouTube, Google, Udemy, Pinterest and even Facebook there is so much to discover. If you are thinking of a career change, research what those new jobs entail. Search things like ‘what is the most rewarding job in the world?’ or what career shows the greatest job satisfaction? Maybe you want to move to a different part of the country or overseas, again research on how easy it is to move to these countries, what other people are saying about it. Or if you want to improve your relationship search online tools and ti

Day 4 Isolation

It is times like these that we see who the important people in society are. I can often get frustrated that the monetary system presently in place puts financial value on the ones who seem to do the least work. This obviously doesn’t apply to all, but my question is why do we pay the famous football player considerably more than the nurse/carer? Why does the accountant in the hospital who sits in a comfy office get paid considerably more than the orderly who is cleaning up the body fluids of our most sick? Why does a politician who is retired after completing only a few years of service still paid more than our firemen? Why is the council worker who sits in his office making policies and cha

Day 3 Brainstorm

After yesterdays musings on what is important to you, what your true values are, today is the time to brainstorm what that means. Create a personal mental health notebook. This notebook is for you to write down how you are feeling about where you are now in your life and where you would ideally like to be. An example would be. “ I work in a job where I feel I am not making a difference. I am stuck in an office most of the day and often feel that nobody really cares or reads what I produce.” Maybe you feel that however hard you work you don’t feel appreciated, or the workload is overwhelming and meaningless. On the other page of your diary write how you would like your career to be.

Day 2 Isolation

Day 1 was more about relaxing, sleeping and taking the time to wind down ready for the long haul. I am sending out these emails to help you to maintain your mental health during this lock down. This is a time when people are naturally feeling Anxious and I propose to support you over the coming weeks with some tips and ideas on what you could be doing with your time which should be useful for your future happiness. These tips should only take an hour or so or as long as you want to spend on them. Consider that this could be a good time. Time to reflect, re evaluate and rest. For day 2 spend some time thinking about what is really important to you, especially with your career, finances an

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