Don't let life's challenges dull your Beauty

I saw this beautiful flower growing in a hard sandy area with no nutrients on a busy pathway. I was in awe how it could manage to first break its way through the rough terrain and then show so much beauty with nothing to sustain it. I thought we could all learn a lesson from this flower, whatever hardship you are experiencing right now or in the past don't let it dull your beauty

Do you think you may be the victim of Workplace bullying?

Unfortunately, workplace bullying is on the rise and the effects it has on the individual and the company as a whole is massive, costing companies time and money and employees often their health. The dynamics are also changing with women more often being the perpetrator. Victims of bullying can be male or female and are usually good loyal staff members who have been well regarded in the past. Bullying is a serious matter which effects people mentally and physically, symptoms include Nausea, Anxiety, Headaches, Fatigue, Depression, lack of motivation Reduction in self-esteem and confidence in their role. Taking more time to complete tasks as they keep on checking everything they do due to fea

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