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​It Works

I am very grateful to be able to recommend ‘Anxiety No More’ . I am 83 years old and you don’t get to that age without making some mistakes. At the time they were hidden away. When retirement allowed time for reflection I found myself reliving and regretting these events. I even regretted some of my moderate successes which my mind turned into errors. I had nightmares for work events even though I retired 30 years ago. When I applied the technique in a calm, relaxed thoughtful way I was able to notice an improvement straight away. I created a mantra which works for me. Release the guilt. Accept my imperfections. Be comfortable with me now. I am safe. This has lifted such a weight from my mind. It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen.


Thank you



I've spent years trying to control my anxiety and spent some money on different modalities, but Kymberley has definitely helped the most. The healing starts off so subtle, and then before you know it, you're not reacting like you used to. I feel more calm and love that I can go back and work on other things with her recordings. You're one in a million Kymberley, and I truly appreciate you! Highly recommend!


Holding Hands

My daughter suffered lots of trauma; losing her Dad to cancer at 13, changing schools, anorexia at 15 and then anxiety. We were feeling so helpless.


As a Mum I just felt so helpless and powerless.  Meeting Kymberley was a blessing, as soon as I met her I felt completely at ease, her warm, professional manner and the way she explained her treatment was so encouraging and gave me great hope for my daughter.


We have seen huge progress and my daughter is anxiety free. She listens to Kymberley’s recordings each night and Kymberley is in regular contact with us to ensure that she is doing well. I would recommend Kymberley to everyone and cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made to my daughters life.

Namiah's mum

Red Wine

When I arrived at Kymberley's and was greeted by her, I felt a warmth that felt very genuine and I  instantly liked her.

Within minutes of my session I started crying, which blew me away, as at first I couldn't understand why?

Although I went to Kymberley  for an alcohol addiction, it has turned out there was deeper meaning to my 'suffering'. After hypnosis I felt very emotional. But suddenly this dark heavy cloud surrounding most of my life just lifted.

My friends can see a change, I feel stronger, more empowered, confident. I just care about myself more.

I feel my drinking is under my control now and I won't be bullied anymore, so thank you Kymberley for getting my life back on track.



Teenage Model

My anxiety was so bad that I thought I was losing my mind. I was unable to think clearly and my brain seemed to be foggy yet full of negative thoughts.  I felt so lost and hopeless, that I was never going to be back to my normal self. 


The moment I met Kymberley I felt she saw the real me through the fog. She explained how RTT would help me train my sub conscious thoughts and help improve ways on how I view myself.  I now feel back to normal, positive and excited about my future. I cannot thank Kymberley enough for the support and help she has given me.


Kymberley had completely inspired me to reach out and support other teens who are suffering from eating disorders, anxiety and depression.  I now see the great potential that I’ve always had inside of me, thank you Kymberley for everything you have done for me!


Niamh (16)

Stones of Meaning

When I sought help from Kymberley Carter-Paige I had been through a fairly traumatic time in my life. Diagnosed with an illness and having issues within my employment I felt very lost. Normally a very strong person and able to cope with most things life deals me I was really struggling this time.


I had had hypnotherapy in the past and I have always found it very beneficial. I decided to work with Kymberley because she came highly recommended.

I am so glad I did because now I feel like I am going to be ok, better than ok but great. Through hypnotherapy I realised the impact of how others can make you feel but how you can make the decision not to have those people in your life. I also learnt that it was alright to let things go and be true to your own wants and desires.

Thanks to Kymberley I feel like a new woman and very excited about what my future holds for me.


Kia Ora Kymberley,


My 21 days were up a couple of days ago and I would like to let you know how I went.


I religiously stuck to the everyday 21day rewiring process and sometimes did it even 2x a day (cause I wanted to).


I found the process very calming and somehow looked forward to doing it.  I have been through a couple of minor challenges but overall I can see an improvement in the way I think and of course every time my mind wants to

gravitate to the negative thoughts I just stop and remind myself that this is not my true reality.


I want to thank you tremendously for your help and if at all it is financially possible for me, I would like to have a follow up and take it further.

Much Love J xx

When I was given the opportunity to be hypnotised by Kymberley, I didn't really know what to expect - would I end up clucking like a chicken?! When Kymberley explained the process of hypnosis, what to expect and how I would react, I knew that I was in safe hands.

Kymberley has an extremely professional approach to her work, which put me immediately at ease. Her approach to working with me to choose key areas to focus on, through to opening up my subconscious thoughts and ensuring my safety and wellbeing throughout my hypnosis was flawless.

Thanks to Kymberley I now have some positive and affirmative tools to use in my day-to-day life. I feel a renewed confidence moving forwards and can't thank or recommend Kymberley enough to anyone who has ever considered hypnosis. Thank you.

L. K - Rotorua

Our 18-year-old son suffered from anxiety and depression because of concussion and the after effects, including an attempted suicide.

When I took him to Kymberley he was struggling to see a long-term plan forward for himself. When he could identify what he wanted to achieve he seemed unable to push himself to do so.

He had 2 sessions in total with Kymberley. As a note we thought listening to the recording might be a problem but it never was. The 1st session helped him to move into a more positive mindset resulting in less anxiety and depression. As a result, he was much less volatile and easier to live with. We saw glimpses of positive characteristics of our son that we thought he had lost.

We felt he needed a 2nd session to help him to really move forward. Since this session the change in him is incredible. He is still on medication but we are slowly reducing this with the GP’s support.

He has achieved his Learners License and is relaxed and motivated to practice and work towards his Restricted License. He has started a course at Toi Oho Mai and is doing well both academically and physically (2 areas he previously struggled to find motivation in), he has begun private swimming lessons (an area he previously would not acknowledge he needed help with) and he is trusting people, putting himself out there and slowly beginning to form new friendships.

He can now see many paths forward for himself and truly believes he can achieve whatever he wants to.

As parents this turnaround in him is such a relief after 3 years of struggle and stress. Kymberly has healed his trauma and given him back a future.


We highly recommend RTT, it certainly has been transformative for him and our family.

M.E.- Bay of Plenty

In 2012, 2 days before Christmas I lost my husband as a result of a massive stroke.  He was 56.

2016 and I am still struggling to get over this shock. I was lucky if I slept 3 hours during the night and I wasn't eating regular meals. I was so run down and tired I had a bit of a turn and ended up in hospital.  

Talking to Kymberley, she offered to help me with a  hypnosis session.  Listening to a recording each night I was starting to have good night sleeps.  After 3 nights I didn't even get to the end of the recording, I just drifted off.

It has been 3 weeks and if I do wake up, I replay the recording and I go straight back to sleep. I am eating a lot better, and have a lot more energy.  

Thank you Kymberley for giving me my life back.  

L.W - Whakatane

I have been drinking for a number of years, but for the last 5 years a lot more...well every night, more or less and at least one bottle a night. I was even staying up late and drinking on my own and then falling asleep with a glass in my hand. I knew it was getting out of control, but wasn't really ready to stop! 

Easter came and went, that's when I thought to myself, I'm out of control. I had drunk a stupid amount of wine and felt terrible for the whole long weekend!

I needed to make some changes, so I went on line and found Kymberley! She made me feel at ease and comfortable. We spoke about my drinking and what I wanted to achieve with hypnosis. I didn't want to give up altogether at this stage, just needed help to reduce my drinking and manage myself, so wanted to cut down to having 2 glasses or less.

After my first session with Kymberley I thought, did I go under? Has this worked? Kymberley gave me a recording that I had to listen too for 21 days. I'm on my 12th day and I've kept a record of how many wines I've had. In the 12 days I've had 7 glasses of wine, which for me is amazing to go from a bottle a night to 7 glasses for nearly 2 weeks!

For example last night having a nice meal, I had 2 wines. My husband went to bed, I stayed up to catch up on my TV programs. 12 days a go I would've opened another bottle, but I didn't, so to me that means it's worked!

Kymberley has helped me reduce my wine intake, helped me realise I don't need it anymore, plus I've lost a little bit of weight, so I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Thank you Kymberley I would certainly recommend you!       


M.L. - Tauranga

Woke up on Boxing Day doubled over in pain. Had pain every day since. Had to cancel my cruise trip because doctors wouldn't let me fly. Cost almost $20,000 in medical costs. Due to see the pain clinic on Friday - $790 for an hour and a half.

I Saw Kymberley on Thursday evening for 1 session of clinical hypnotherapy and now sleep through the night with barely any pain... 


❤❤❤ Alternative therapy rocks ❤❤❤

A.W. - Rotorua

When I realised I was reacting to certain current situations based on events that had happened earlier in my life, I approached Kymberley in the hope that she could help me finally deal with these past hurts.

She explained how the subconscious mind works by storing everything we experience, and highlighted the importance of accessing these memories to rewire our thought patterns – this is the power of hypnosis.

I knew I had become exceptionally good at hiding my feelings and was concerned that this strong mind set would affect my ability to be hypnotised – this wasn’t the case at all. Kymberley’s approach was professional and reassuring as she recognised immediately what my key issue was and during hypnosis used this knowledge to target previous painful events.

I’m on day 5 of my 21 day neuro reprogramming and already feel a sense of calm and trust in myself to make the right decisions knowing that what was then is not now.

V.L - Tauranga

I went to Kymberley as I was having sleep difficulties, mainly due to stress. I ended up coming away having learnt things about myself that clarified other issues in my life – issues that I hadn’t even been aware of, or had buried. 

Kymberley was very professional and made me feel totally comfortable, initially just chatting and having a cuppa.   

Hypnosis is not scary at all; you just need to have an open mind and want to help yourself. 

I would highly recommend Kymberley to anyone no matter what issues you may be having. 

JS - Wellington

Hi Kimberley

I met you at the Healthy Living Festival at QEII last month, listened to your talk and bought a wealth rewiring. 


I must say I am really enjoying listening to the usb and in the past week received an unexpected gift of a $200 cheque, been given the opportunity to attend a $500 conference for my work completely free and found $2 on the street.  So it seems my abundance channels have opened 😊 thank you.


Kymberley has helped our teenage son transform his life and open up a whole new world of opportunities, all with one visit.

Our son is 19 years old and has a physical disability which makes him feel self-conscious and as he has got older it has created strong anxiety which has severely limited his life. We had tried lots of avenues with social workers, support agencies and were really feeling bleak about his future and decided to try a session with Kymberley.

He was at a point where he wouldn’t use public transport, disliked having to leave the house, and often refused to participate in social occasions outside of our home. When faced with new situations he would make himself physically ill and be unable to interview for jobs and was reluctant to be anywhere but at home.

His session with Kymberley was in June and the effect was immediate. He has continued to absolutely shock us with the complete shift in his behaviour. He has since done things on his own that other people may take for granted but to us they have been gigantic leaps in confidence.

He regularly and happily now takes public transport, is now on a fulltime course. He has participated in work experience where he worked with the public in a hospitality setting, he has taken himself shopping for a new wardrobe on his own. These are so far beyond what we could ever have expected.

He had a setback recently after a horrible experience on public transport and I was so worried he would go backwards, but after speaking to Kymberley he listened to his recording again and he was fine. This was a relief and I feel very positive for his future.

Things have changed so much for him and we have booked him a flight to Canada in December and he is planning to live there for a number of months with his sister. This is something which would have been impossible prior to his session and still astounds us.

I can highly recommend Kymberley and am so thankful we took the opportunity to try this for our son as it has changed our lives.    

S.T - Tauranga

Thank you very much for the amazing RT Therapy season we had via Skype. You were very professional and empathetic. 

The session brought up things from the past that I hadn’t thought about for a long time and were relevant to what is happening in my life.

Thank you, it is onward and upward from here for me.  You are a great Therapist.

Raewyn W

Hi Kymberley, 

I want to thank you so much for your help with my daughter (miss12year old). I can see how her re-coding has helped with my daughter's anxiety, she has calmed so much, small things that used to set her into an emotional over drive have pretty much stopped.

We had a few things that needed ironing out and Kymberley helped with that too, we have little things that we now practice in our day to day living and it’s helping us all as a family.

I can see this is a passion for Kymberley she truly cares and is amazing at what she does.

Thank you so much❤️ from a mother at my wits end.😳


K - Tauranga

For the first time in 88 years I am living alone with my cat.

At first I always lived with my twin sister, then at aged 21 with my best friend and husband. My husband is now in full time care.

It has been a difficult adjustment in my life but has been made so much easier with the help Kymberley has given me.

For the rest of my life I will always be thankful.



As I find myself at yet another cross road in life I have been stressing and not sleeping over a decision I must make...a decision that has a deadline and will directly affect having a secure roof over my head. 

Fear and no clarity has had me tied up in knots for a number of weeks. In desperation I went and had a session with Kymberley. It was amazing what came up that was at the root of my indecision and fear. 

Having listened to the re-coding for the past 21 days I am feeling much more calm and open to the possibilities that are opening up for me. Trust has been restored within and I KNOW all will be well. I am now EXCITED for the journey ahead, instead of being filled with fear and angst.

Thank you Kymberley, I can now breathe again!


PJ - Tauranga

Just wanted to share my personal experience with this wonderful and magical RTT I had last week, and yes I said Magical because it absolutely is!

Way too many "incidents" happened in my life since a very early age, including physical, psychological and sexual abuse and all that was stopping me from overcoming my really long-term addiction for over 23 years...


After only 1 session and listening to my recording every single day (btw, the recording is SO COOL! I am actually addicted to it now LOL. I listen to it every night at least 3 times in a row, and during the day if I have a break I use the time so I can listen to my Magical recording! It is THAT COOL I swear!)

My addiction problem is not a problem anymore! I am coming off that drug with no physical withdraws! I have more confidence now too!!! My creativity increased SO much as well, as my addiction had also made my creativity be pretty much completely blocked...

The same night of my first session, I was able to sit down with my guitar and start creating new fresh tunes as my first album recording is happening in only 3 more weeks! Now I can also do it! This therapy is simply incredible and DOES work like Magic!

This world would be a way better place if more people had the opportunity to experience this therapy.  I wish I had more money so I could pay for sessions to give away to help more people like it helped me!

Grammy Awards, be ready cos here I come!  Thank you Kymberley, you are an angel here for us all.  Everybody should try your RTT.

With all my heart and Love


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