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An explanation of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Developed by Marisa Peer RTT embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients: the use of trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning. However RTT goes beyond - diagnosing what works with real clients in real sessions to build a new therapeutic approach.

RTT identifies that regardless of their issue in sessions, clients always benefit from applying a particular set of techniques over and over again. These insights provide the foundations for Rapid Transformation to have people emerge in control of their mind and body.

Why Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Many of the people I see have been on a journey through a range of what are commonly viewed as acceptable approaches or treatments before they get to me.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can be successfully applied to all manner of issues, including addictions to substances ranging from sugar to alcohol and drugs, sexual problems, chronic pain, phobias, anxieties, lack of self-confidence and even professional performance.

Almost without exception the clients who approach me about such things have already visited doctors, consultants, rehabilitation centres, counsellors and diet clubs - the list goes on. And these things have not worked for them. So they arrive with a preconception that this is the last resort, when the reality is that our minds are such powerful organs if more people truly understood their capability to impact their own lives for good or bad they would start here not end here!

We have all used phrases like 'Mind over matter', yet fundamentally we struggle to really believe that the mind can alter our physical experience. Somehow it is easier to place our faith and trust in things we can reach out and touch, be they tablets, devices or hospitals, even if the evidence is telling us nothing is changing for the better.

Hypnotherapy is a centuries-old method for re-booting and harnessing the power to positively improve aspects of our lives. In fact I believe it is the quickest and easiest way to make someone snap out of the things that are doing them harm and start developing more beneficial habits and thoughts.

Sign old way new way

The human mind is basically split into two parts - our conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind.


The conscious part is the tip of the iceberg which guides our daily activities from making sure we eat, to getting from A to B or fulfilling our daily work tasks. It is also the little 'chatterbox' inside our head, which knows very well what we need to do to keep ourselves happy, healthy and on top of things, but somehow, all too easily keeps giving in to bad habits and creating fight, flight or freeze for no apparent reason. 

Then there is our sub-conscious, a far bigger area, which is the conflagration of everything we have ever thought, experienced or had said to us, and ultimately drives some of the things our conscious self then does. The sub-conscious never forgets any of these influences and will continue leading us to do certain things because we got what we saw as a positive result at some point in the past. For example, having a glass of wine - the first time we do it we feel grown up, or in control, or more relaxed, at least in the short term. So our sub-conscious thinks, "I know, that worked so well I'll make them do it again and again every time that negative feeling comes in to make them feel better."

I often liken the mind to a computer program like Windows. If it isn't upgraded regularly then when you try to add new programs to it it slows down, struggles to process or crashes, so every few years to need to upgrade or re-boot to allow the new information the user is wanting to be accessed and run more smoothly. That's where Hypnotherapy comes in.

Can I be Hypnotised?

The answer I always give is that everyone, without exception, can be hypnotised. The reason I say this is that, in reality, most of us are in a trance, most of the time anyway.

Think about it. How many times a day do you do something in an automated state, where you can’t remember the process you actually went through? Maybe you drove your car and couldn’t recall how you got to your destination, or cooked dinner on ‘autopilot’ while mentally sifting through the events of your day. This is very common because, while our conscious minds are focusing on the practicalities of the things we need to get done today in the here and now, our subconscious is only too happy to oversee our habitual activities in a kind of automated state. Therefore, it’s also not a case of being strong or not strong, literally everyone is susceptible to hypnosis in one form or another. 

What is the difference between 'Hypnosis' and 'Clinical Hypnotherapy?'

Hypnosis is the process or the feeling or the subconscious state where you are open to suggestion. The difference with Clinical Hypnotherapy is the suggestions are those you want to change, more like self Hypnosis, as opposed to 'Stage Hypnosis' where a person performs hypnosis on someone for entertainment purposes.

Does hypnosis put you in a trance?

Hypnosis will actually snap you out of the trance-like state you inhabit every day in order to change the behaviours that are doing you no favours. 


You could almost liken it to when you go on holiday and, as soon as you switch off and start to relax, the day-to-day clutter in your head starts to dissipate and you think afresh about all those aspects of your life you might like to change, or new activities you would like to try. Or you suddenly remember something important that has thus far been crowded out by all the other noise.

Hypnosis provides a shortcut to stepping back from the world in a similar way to reassess, which we all know we need to do every now and again.

Is there anybody who shouldn't be or Cannot be Hypnotised?

Certain people are not suitable to undergo hypnotherapy. These include people who don't want to be in a trance like state. If someone decides that they are not willing to go into hypnosis then often they won't. BUT my question to them would be why book an appointment if all you want to do is prove you can fight it?.

Many people 'Believe' that Hypnotherapy is about the Therapist gaining control of the client's mind. Nothing could be further from the truth in my practice. I want to give YOU BACK control of your mind, from the programs that others have instilled in you which are triggering you or making you feel 'Not good enough'. Anxiety No More therapy is about giving you back your power by teaching and guiding you to rewrite your unwanted programs.


RTT and Hypnotherapy is it is a method that truly empowers clients. By using a technique called Role, Function, Purpose, it honours and values the significance clients attach to their issues/problems and then offers  a powerful emotional release for them. They can actually be free from pain.

RTT and Hypnotherapy draws out unfinished business, meaning it is a technique for addressing the trauma that clients have been holding onto for many years. Talking directly to the subconscious it helps the client to change their automated programming which is more fitting with their present and future life rather than old outdated unnecessary habits.

Upgrading the Child offers a therapeutic space for dialogue and communication with significant others.

Other unique techniques include:

  • Merging the child

  • Dialogue with the person that hurt you

  • Going back to each scene in the regression to emphasise that it is not me and emphasising why

The client is involved with the therapist in uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events and then changing them. This leads to permanent powerful change because Hypnotherapy enables the mind to tell the body what to do (such as heal itself, turn fear into excitement etc.) It can tell the body how to react and how to feel and it can alter and improve the messages the body sends to the mind.

Change your mind

Would you like to Press the Reset Button? 

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