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You have the power to decide if your future is great or miserable, take your power back NOW

We have grown up in a world where we have let others make our decisions. Safety decisions, how we spend our money, how we learn, our Health and many other things. It has become automatic to trust what we are being told by the media, Governments, finance compaines, banks and Dr's.

In the last couple of years more than ever, people are now beginning to question some of those people we were lead to believe had all the knowledge and that they only had our best interests at heart.

Unfortunatly when it comes to money, many people would sell their own soul and wouldn't have any conscious to sell yours. The top richest people in our world only have their own best interests at heart and now is the time to take back our personal choices and power and learn to be in charge of our own lives again.

We have become lazy as a human race in information gatherinig. It is too easy to watch a few T.V programs and decide that this is all the information we need to make the right decisions.

as I tell my clients, "You are unique, there is nobody else in the world quite like you, never has been and never will be anyone in the world just like you" Therefore ONLY YOU, know what is best for you.

Here are 10 things you can do to take back your power.

1. Research for yourself which foods make you feel good and which foods make you tired and low. lso research medications, side effects and which ones are compatible with each other and which ones are not. A friend of mine was shocked to find that her mothers memory was failing since she last spoke to her. When researching her medications she found some of them said "should not be taken with ........... as may cause memory loss". Our Drs have 15 minutes to see a patient, but not all patients are the same and not all patients have the same tolerance levels with certain medications. it is up to you to research these things before you take them. STOP using Google as a search engine and try 'brave' or Duckduckgo. These search engines do not censor. Google unfortunatly is run by the same big Tec compoanies as Twitter and Fakebook and they love to censor the other side of the story.

2. If you hate your job, learn the skills you need to learn for a new career. This doesn't mean you have to go to University, there are so many brilliant online courses you can access many of them free. Practice makes perfect and you may surprise yourself. You work too many hours of your life to hate what you are doing, stop existing and start living.

3. Make a decision and stick to it. Other peoples opinions are just opinions based on their internal programs not yours, so by all means get advice from others but go with your gut as to what feels right for you.

4. Learn to say NO. You are not here soley for everybody else, you deserve to be happy and fulfilled too.

5. Dream, dream and dream some more. Your subconscious mind loves it when you use your imagination to dream of a positive future and will help you to make the moves and decsions to get you there if you help it. Your subconscious mind controls your body and how you see and experience your reality. So create your reality in your subconscious and watch it unfold, believe me it works if you stick at it.

6. STOP thinking of all the bad things that will happen and switch it to "What if this great thing happens" The subconscious mind brings you what you focus on, so make it positive. If you struggle to do this when in a negative mind frame, think of what the opposite of the negative situation would be and focus on that.

7. Step away from the phone and T.V. Limit your time on electronic devices and make an effort to speak to real people, see the sights, get outside, create something with your hands, listen to some music, read a fictional happy book.

8. Stop watching violent movies, drama queens, shooting, killing, violence, blood and gore. Your subconscious mind will take all of that in and create an Anxious mind as it will believe the world is a scary place.

9. Sing, move, play with animals of laugh with young children, raise your vibration daily.

10. Focus on the good things with gratitude and focus on the additional things you are bringing into your future. Stand tall, know and embrace your uniqueness and learn to say "No" You are NOT Powerless.

If you would like to refocus your future and need a little help, feel free to contact me to book an appointment


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