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Here you will find an array of generic Re-codings for purchase that I've recorded to help you with all manner of common blocks and fears.


Of course please don't hesitate to reach out to me for a specialised and tailored session personal to your needs (see below).

Fear of Flying


There's a whole world of adventure, culture and sights to see beyond the borders of your comfort zone.


If a fear of flying is holding you back from seeing family, friends and the rest of the world, hypnosis can help to rewire your brain to overcome the feeling of discomfort and distress whenever you see the airport sign, in fact you can learn to love flying.


I can help you to train your mind to overcome your fears and help you discover a new zest for life. 

Fear of Spiders


Don't let your fear of spiders get the better of you! It is a natural instinct for humans to be alert when something scurries along the floor in some countries to protect us. The same with fear of snakes, it is inherent to save us from danger. However, in most countries where spiders are not a threat to our lives some people can still have a deep rooted fear, which may take away the pleasure of garden parties or effect their work when working in old buildings or sheds where spiders can be found.


This re-coding will help you to become indifferent to spiders in a way you won't be constantly looking for them or worrying about them... you may notice them but not care they are there. You don't have to love them but you can live free of the panicky fear around them. Listen every day for 28 days and change your opinion from fear to indifference.

Fear of Heights


There's a whole world of adventure and fun things to do and see, and your fear of heights may be stopping your from having fun during safe heights.


We are programmed to feel uncomfortable when it comes to being high up when it is dangerous. But as a baby we loved being thrown up in the air, being pushed high on swings and were exhilarated by the feel of our tummy turning.


The fear comes in later in life when we look at all the dangers that could have happened and fear the worst. This re-coding will help you to feel comfortable around safe heights, to allow you to enjoy managed heights and still allow you to make safe decisions with the heights that should be carefully analysed.

Sleep Easy


Sleep is something we are all born to access naturally. As a baby we can sleep on the floor, in someones arms, with noise all around us at a party, in fact anywhere. This re-coding helps you to re connect to the natural sleep patterns you were born with.


Listen prior to going to sleep or if you awake in the night and your mind keeps you awake.


For maximum permanent results to create your new sleeping with ease habit, it is important you listen every day for a minimum of 28 days.


Enjoy sleeping easily and effortlessly with Kymberley Carter-Paige!

Stop Smoking!


Stop Smoking NOW.

If you are ready to stop smoking this is the re-coding for you! Do yourself a favour and look after your lungs and your body. Choose to care for yourself and save money by giving up unhealthy smoking for good.

Please note as with all my re-codings it is vital that you listen to it every day for a MINIMUM of 28 days in order to make the changes permanent.

Personalised Sessions:

All personalised re-codings are delivered within 48 hours (approximately) as they are written and recorded depending on the personal requirements from the hypnosis sessions.

Sessions can be in person or online via Zoom.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

One-on-one Personalised RTH or RTT session

$250 NZD

This is a 90 -120 minute session and includes MP3 re-coding (which you keep) and email support.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - 4 sessions

$720 NZD

This includes 90 minute initial session with hypnosis and  re-coding which is yours for life

and the other 3 sessions are 30-60 minute sessions each.

Smoking Cessation

Session 1 $200 including re-coding and 3 week email follow ups

Session 2 $150 tweak and refine session (if required)

Phobia's, Fears and Anxiety

$250 NZD

90 minute session including re-coding and 24 week email follow ups

(If more sessions required this will be discussed according to requirements)

Public Speaking on The rules of the Mind $150 per hour


For MC, Motivational, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, or individualised corporate training contact me for pricing

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