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Hi, I'm Kymberley Carter-Paige, a Rapid Transformation Therapist, working with CBT, NLP, EFT, Mindfulness and self Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.

Your mind is like a Parachute

Sunshin and sea

It doesn't work unless you open it

Specialising in helping you to change the neuropathways in your brain to remove blockages from living the life of your dreams and to help make you happier.


You deserve to be happy and research shows that your beliefs, culture and past experiences create your feelings about your life and your future. In order to change your life you need to change your belief, whether it's your self-belief your belief about money, relationships or your present environment, which all stems from your unconscious mind programming.


I am passionate about helping people to  change their poor habits, beliefs and behavours by accessing the subconscious mind and helping them to delete the negativity in their lives.

Originally from the U.K, I moved to New Zealand in 2003. I knew I wanted to move overseas from the age of 12.  I loved the outdoor life and as a teenager I would take my dogs for four-hour walks every weekend as I loved getting lost in nature and in my own thoughts.


In 1988 I met my wonderful husband and later was blessed with three beautiful children, first a girl then two years later twins of a boy and a girl. From this point on my life became very busy. I was on the treadmill of work, work, work. I would work six days a week including two evenings and although we could afford a two a week holiday every year, we didn’t have much else to show for all this exhausting work. 


I began to feel trapped. Stress started to take its toll on my husband’s health and I felt that a better life was awaiting us somewhere. It was clear that something had to change.


New Zealand offered us everything we were looking for and so I used my understanding of the science of the Law of Attraction and with determination we began the very challenging immigration process. I was determined to make it happen and although we had to jump through many hoops I would not take no for an answer.


This was when I started to see the how 'The subconscious mind creates our conscious reality' in action as I spent as much time as possible visualising our future and believing it would happen. We never looked back. We are privileged to live in paradise and every day I am grateful that we get to experience the beauty of this amazing country.

My life now is very different. I get to discover new and beautiful locations all the time with my husband as we explore New Zealand’s stunning rivers and lakes. I have even managed to take up photography again.


Through studying quantum physics, neuroplasticity and how the subconscious mind can create blockages to allowing you to live the life of your dreams, I have unlocked the secret to The Secret, through self-hypnosis. It has been an incredible journey and my mission is to teach others the tools to achieve the life they want to live.  

Change your thoughts, change your life

I'm also qualified in Advanced Hypnotherapy from the American Alliance of Hypnotherapists and Hypnosis NZ. I am an expert in helping people overcome  stress, anxiety and/or depression without the use of medication

As well as holding Advanced Hypnotherapy qualifictions in the United States and New Zealand, I was trained and mentored by renowned celebrity therapist Marisa Peer who appears in the Tatler Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors and voted Britain’s Best Therapist. Marisa has treated Hollywood actors, world famous models, athletes and members of the royal family for their alcohol and weight issues. She has developed this remarkable new therapy.

RTT can be used to work with almost anything from addictions, phobias, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem to physical health conditions like migraines and IBS, alcohol and weight issues. Hypnosis is not about being asleep it is the sleep of the nervous system and the conscious mind allowing the therapist to talk to the subconscious mind without the body reacting. 


For those of you who haven't been hypnotised before it feels the same as when you are watching a really good movie or are engrossed in an interesting book (or Playstation). When this happens you switch off from what is happening around you and just concentrate on the story or entertainment. Any noise outside, although heard, is ignored. In this situation your body is completely relaxed and your conscious mind is relaxed allowing you to just concentrate and enjoy the moment. 

At all times you are still in control and we will never do anything that is against your values or beliefs (despite what T.V. portrays). My clients love being in hypnosis and easily slip into a hypnotic relaxed state each day when listening to the personalised re-coding.

After your treatment (if appropriate for your changes) a personalised re-coding may be emailed to you to listen to every day for 28 days to make your changes permanent. This will be explained to you during your treatment.

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Happy family at the beach

Let me help you to live your dream life too!

Not sure if Hypnotherapy is for you? 

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