What is happening to our Children

Why are our Children and Teens suffering from Anxiety more than ever and suffering from a younger age than ever before? Right now everywhere we look we are being programmed by fear. Our mainstream media, our government and schools are all flashing up danger signs, COVID-19 is splashed everywhere, posters, every ad break, every shop now has to display the COVID logo’s along with a shrill alarm late at night just to let us know what the TV had already told us that Auckland was now at level 3. REALLY!!! Come on do they have any idea what this is doing to peoples mental Health. Did they really need to set off emergency alarms when there was no immediate danger? Also how much do they need to bra

Your beliefs and how to stay in control

The present situation no matter which side you are on is confusing and stressful, and can cause Anxiety in some. Whether you believe everything the politicians and mainstream media say about the COVID situation or whether you believe it is all a lie, either belief creates powerlessness and concern for the future. It is always a good idea to question things, especially when they do not quite add up. But where do you go to find your answers? Social media can be cruel, ask a simple question and end up with a barrage of abuse from others who think they have all the answers and you should know. This is not immensely helpful when you are just trying to make sense of things. Listen to your friend’s

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