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Your beliefs and how to stay in control

The present situation no matter which side you are on is confusing and stressful, and can cause Anxiety in some. Whether you believe everything the politicians and mainstream media say about the COVID situation or whether you believe it is all a lie, either belief creates powerlessness and concern for the future.

It is always a good idea to question things, especially when they do not quite add up. But where do you go to find your answers? Social media can be cruel, ask a simple question and end up with a barrage of abuse from others who think they have all the answers and you should know. This is not immensely helpful when you are just trying to make sense of things.

Listen to your friend’s conversations and ask them questions face to face. Ask colleagues to send you stuff on any areas you are unsure. Do your own research but look in many different places like duckduckgo and different search engines as you will find differing results to help you make your own informed decisions.

Limit the amount of time you spend on media. It really can flatten your mood and vibration which has a detrimental effect on your immune system.

Get outside as much as you can and practice mindfulness. Get out of your head and notice nature, noises, colours different textures. Imagine being like a child again, discovering things you have not noticed before in nature or architect in buildings depending where you are walking.

Spend some time alone using your senses. Spend some time every day listening to upbeat music, the stuff that makes you want to dance and dance.

Hug, snuggle, cuddle tell someone you love them, even if its your dog. Connect in a loving way, be silly, laugh.

There is a massive conscious shift going on in the world. I predicted it years ago but to be honest I did not think it would be this huge. Life is changing but it is up to you to decide what your new life will be like, do not let the media and politicians decide for you. Remember the law of attraction, do not linger in the doom and gloom, rise, and push yourself to a positive mood and vibration however you can. Fear is your enemy and you can overcome it by focusing on better things. Use self-Hypnosis to create your future, hypnotherapy or meditation helps you to accelerate your results in a clam and controlled way.

Find a group of people who have the same beliefs, we all need to feel we have someone on our side and it is especially difficult when a close friend or family member keeps putting your beliefs and feelings down because they don’t match their own. Meeting with people who are on the same page makes it safe for you to question, explore and discuss your personal views and you can learn from others without feeling pressurised. Keep an open mind, keep your head held high and plan your positive future. You have got this.

And if you still feel Anxious contact me on for more tips on living a calmer more controlled life.

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