Which one would you choose?

Prior to my VGB journeyI would have struggled with these amazing choices. You see I was a chocoholic and these deserts would have had me wanting to order 3 or 4 and then take some home too. And then there were the times I was on a diet that I would have fought between “I want one” and “I shouldn’t have one you are weak if you eat one” Invariably I would have given in with the excuse “ it’s just one I’ve been really good I deserve it” followed by “OMG I can’t believe you gave in whatever is the matter with you?” Etc etc But since my VGB, sugary foods no longer bully me I am in control. Yes I still wanted one and with my new mindset I could have had one if I really wanted to but. I chose to ea

Why will power does not work

The majority of clients I see have tried many different methods to overcome their problems prior to booking an appointment with me. They often feel because they haven't managed to fix the problem themselves, they are weak or not good enough, they question as to how it can be easy for some, yet others find it so hard. It is all down to programming. Your conscious mind may have a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve but in the past, it wasn't a priority or a good idea, therefore your subconscious mind cannot perceive it. It is like trying to open a word document in an Excel spreadsheet, there is clearly a mismatch. For example, with my Virtual Gastric Band Ditch the Diet clie

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