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Is your Job making you sick?

In my role as a Transformational therapist, I know only too well the impact people’s jobs/businesses can have on their physical and mental health. In fact many people take time off sick for physical body symptoms but how many take time out when the mind is suffering?.

Mental Health is all over the news and we hear that more funding is available to help people with mental illness, but it is clearly not working. The New Zealand suicide rates were ‘suddenly’ unavailable from February 2020, and considering New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates in the western world this was a major concern for me. What interested me more is that the main stream media announced that the suicide rate was lower this year and during lockdown than ever? I work with all sorts of clients in varying work situations and heard direct from an ACC manager that in the second week of lockdown there were 62 suicides in NZ, makes you wonder why the stats would be hidden, and why the Main Stream Media would publicise the opposite

I help many people who are noticing the negative effects their jobs/businesses are having on their health, which include Anxiety, stress, apathy and depression, even overeating and/or drinking. People often feel trapped in their roles as they have bills to pay and believe there is no other position for them either in a role they will enjoy or earning enough to survive. If they own their own business they feel they have to do everything themselves, or be in charge of everybody’s roles, working all hours never taking time off just in case the business could collapse into the abyss.

Working in big corporations are the worse as they make people redundant and push the work onto another person who already has a full time work load. These scenarios in my opinion is akin to modern day slavery. When I point this out to my clients they are surprised, but think about it, if you are made to work 10-12 hour days, answering phone calls and emails outside of work and only have 4 weeks off to do what you want a year, isn’t that slavery? Especially when you still struggle to pay your bills and feed your family.

In the 60’s the cost of living allowed one parent to stay at home and raise the children, not anymore, both parents are expected to work, children going to daycare earlier and after school clubs in the holidays, where will this all stop?

If you feel like you are running on a tread mill struggling to find a way off, I can help. Sometimes you just need to stop, reboot and rebuild from scratch. Rediscover who you are, what is important to you and how you can take back control of Anxiety or just your life. With many people the lockdowns have allowed time to reflect on what is really important and given them the drive to take control of their mind, their time and their future. There is no better time than now to plan and create a future worth living, take back control of your mind and life, the future is bright when you shine that light through the tunnel of existence. Stop existing and start living, and if you need a hand to see through the fog feel free to contact me where I will be happy to help. Funding maybe available for business owners.


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