10 Ways to Survive the Winter Blues

Sometimes the treadmill of life gets all too much, especially in the winter when you get up for work in the dark and return home after dark. We feel we want to Hibernate, sleep longer, eat more and feel low on energy. This is the time more than any other time that exercise and getting out doors is most important. 1. Go for a Walk - Ensure that you go for a walk at the weekends and get some fresh air (even if it’s raining). 2. Take regular breaks - If you haven't seen the sun for a while make sure you have a break at lunchtime at work to get outside as soon as the sun comes out. 3. Take Supplements - For those rainy weeks that never seem to end its important that you get yourself a vitamin D

Seven Things to Expect From Your Narcissistic Employee

Seven Things to Expect From Your Narcissistic Employee SUNDAY, AUGUST 22ND, 2010 | 47 COMMENTS | SHARE: For those of you in business below is a good article in what to look out for when employing staff. Over confidence is not always a good thing. The narcissistic personality trait describes individuals that believe they are special, have a sense of entitlement, require excessive admiration, lack empathy, are interpersonally exploitive, and are arrogant and haughty. As defined by one of its most frequently used measures, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI, Raskin & Hall, 1981), there are four dimensions to the narcissistic personality (Emmons, 1984): 1. Exploitiveness/Entitlement: T

In Case you have forgotten

In case you have forgotten, you are enough. Always have been, always will be. Many of us come across people on a daily basis who seem to think its OK to tell us that we are not good enough. Not clever enough, not tall enough, not skinny enough, not motivated enough, just not enough. Bosses, partners, parents, friends, colleagues all sorts of people re enforce our own personal beliefs that we are not enough. Its about time you stopped beating yourself up with your own negative words and stop taking on board other peoples negative comments, they are not true. All too often others make themselves feel better by putting others down, you do not have to accept that. I'm here to tell you that you a

How to deal with difficult people or bullies from a distance

I was fortunate enough to come upon Joe Vitalie's book 'Zero limits' many years ago and it certainly made a difference in my life. One of the main lessons I learnt about was the Hawaiian method of dealing with difficult people called 'Hoponopono' It may seem weird and 'New age' but believe me it really works. Even if it seems strange isn't it worth a try if somebody is causing you stress? Go on try it, you might get arrested for the alternative. Below is a link to a great article that explains all about this easy answer to solving relationship problems. https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/How-Dr-Hew-Len-healed-a-ward-of-mentally-ill-criminals-with-Hooponopono

Dry July

If the thought of giving up alcohol for a whole month or even reducing it feels you with dread or if you have tried 'Dry July' and failed already then you may have a problem. A large amount of clients come to me not because they are 'Alcoholics' but because alcohol has become a crutch or a habit which they would like to reduce. If you find yourself drinking alcohol in the morning regularly or every lunch time and evening then you may need to give up completely. However many of my clients just find they are either drinking more than a glass every night, or consuming more than a bottle of wine regularly or the equivalent spirits to either relax themselves or to give them courage. This type of

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