The Christmas temptations

Well how did the Christmas festivities go? good I hope with family time and precious moments. What about the food, did you over indulge? Well it wouldn't be the same if we sat and ate a salad on Christmas day would it ? When eating a natural diet though it isn't as hard. Meat and vegetables are good and I went for a fresh fruit salad for desert, cream is fine if it is all natural and you don't have an intolerance to dairy. Christmas pudding and Mince pies, hmm well if the Christmas pudding was made by a family member with natural ingredients then choose that option rather than the mince pie which will be made from wheat which is likely to have been processed prior to becoming flour. Chocolat

Find that silver lining to weight loss

Since my last Blog I have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I have landed in hospital with severe stomach cramps for a few years now and nobody seemed to know what it was. Having medical insurance (Which i recommend if you can afford it) I booked to see a specialist for gut disorders and after many tests he has come to the above conclusion. "What has this got to do with weight loss?" I hear you ask, well as you know I had already started my diet of hypnotherapy and clean natural healthy eating (read previous blogs). I had cut out wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods, which was also having the effect of making my stomach grumpy. However since receiving the diagnosis and being told that

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