Hypnosis Proved to reduce Pain

Experimental Pain Ratings & Reactivity Of Cortisol And Soluble Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Receptor II Following A Trial Of Hypnosis: Results Of A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study There is a growing mountain of evidence that hypnosis is effective for pain management for acute and chronic pain. Up until recently, researchers have been baffled as to the mechanisms behind hypnotically reduced pain levels. Function magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) scans have shown that different areas of the brain are affected differently than other areas It’s been shown that post-hypnotic suggestions cause different areas of the brain to be impacted differently via functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

Unlock one of the keys to happiness

When we were little we explored, touched, looked deeply and asked lots of questions as so many things were new to us. The mind loves new as it stimulates the brain with new senses, smells, touch, sight and sounds. This is why people love going somewhere different on holiday and why they find it so relaxing, its not just a break away from the routine. If you have been in the same job for years or lived in the same street, make time to visit other places, meet and talk to new people and experience different cultures and scenes. This will not only keep your mind alive and more active it will motivate you to make changes where you need to and help you to embrace being out of your comfort zone. U

You are still you

When we are born everybody looks at us and tells us how beautiful, lovable and clever we are. We are bought into this world believing we are enough just the way we are. Then over time we are told we are not clever enough, lovable or beautiful by people around us, social media, teachers, friends, partners, parents anybody and we begin to doubt ourselves. This results in us not believing we are enough, leaving us too afraid to speak up, apply for that job, ask that person on a date or moving towards our dreams and goals. Nothing has changed you are still the amazing beautiful talented person you were born to be. Stop listening to other peoples opinions and know that you are ABSOLUTLY enough

FACT 97% of all diets will allow you to lose weight BUT only 2% of those using those diets will keep

Diets work we all know that, from Slimming World to Weight Watchers Jenny Craig, cabbage diet, Atkins Diet, you will loose weight with all of them if you stick to the diet. HOWEVER as soon as you stop the diet your craving return. This then results in you returning to your old eating habits and not only gaining the weight you had lost but often more on top. The problem is the need and desire for certain foods. Depriving yourself will work for short periods but the desire to eat those foods again once your goal is reached is often too strong to resist, resulting in you thinking you have poor 'will power'. There is however another way, I can re-frame and reprogram your subconscious mind Using

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