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FACT 97% of all diets will allow you to lose weight BUT only 2% of those using those diets will keep

Diets work we all know that, from Slimming World to Weight Watchers Jenny Craig, cabbage diet, Atkins Diet, you will loose weight with all of them if you stick to the diet. HOWEVER as soon as you stop the diet your craving return. This then results in you returning to your old eating habits and not only gaining the weight you had lost but often more on top. The problem is the need and desire for certain foods. Depriving yourself will work for short periods but the desire to eat those foods again once your goal is reached is often too strong to resist, resulting in you thinking you have poor 'will power'. There is however another way, I can re-frame and reprogram your subconscious mind Using RTT to delete those cravings to no longer eat those foods. I will be running a mini workshop on this subject in the next couple of months so if you are interested email me at and I will send you details once the venue is booked. The first workshop will be held in Tauranga. Watch this space.

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