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What is happening to our Children

Why are our Children and Teens suffering from Anxiety more than ever and suffering from a younger age than ever before? Right now everywhere we look we are being programmed by fear. Our mainstream media, our government and schools are all flashing up danger signs, COVID-19 is splashed everywhere, posters, every ad break, every shop now has to display the COVID logo’s along with a shrill alarm late at night just to let us know what the TV had already told us that Auckland was now at level 3. REALLY!!! Come on do they have any idea what this is doing to peoples mental Health. Did they really need to set off emergency alarms when there was no immediate danger? Also how much do they need to brain wash us and shove this down our throats. Don’t get me wrong I understand it is important information that we need, but we are adults and we know what time the news is on, we are perfectly capable of using a search engine and finding information we are not sure of, we do not need to be told we are in danger every minute of every day. Something needs to change, I heard from a client that her daughter was told in a school near Hamilton that they had to wear a mask all day, they were handed out to them in primary school at level 2. Not only are there good logical medical reasons this is not a good idea (do some research) but can you imagine how frightening this is for a young primary school aged child? How do you explain to a young child why they must wear a mask and keep a distance from all their friends without frightening them to death? The School system is damaging our children and has been for a while and we are just seeing it coming out in our teenagers now. I am really concerned that the NZ suicide rates in our young people are going to rocket, I know they will be higher than the COVID death rate that’s for sure. But strangely New Zealand stopped publishing the data at the end of 2019, why is that you may ask? Most teachers really care for their students BUT they are indoctrinated to teach them a curriculum which doesn't serve them. Our History has been deleted and re written (Hence the encouragement to remove monuments again). Let me ask you, "how much of what you learnt in 10 to 12 years of school have you needed to succeed in life"? Yes reading, writing and maths, but the majority of what our children are studying for 10 to 12 years is completely pointless. No understanding of financial markets, household budgeting, how to reduce your mortgage. No innovation and budgeting on how to run your own enterprise or legal advice on anything. What about Emotional Intelligence, building and repairing your home? Diet and nutrition, etc etc. Is it any wonder our children hate going to school I know I would? Unfortunately, our children are being deliberately indoctrinated/brainwashed to believe the narrative, and the more intelligent are seeing the cracks, something doesn't add up, hence the Anxiety. If I had my time again with my children I would home school them on the game of life. In the past one parent could afford to stay at home, be there for the children, when you think about it if you studied something for 10 to 12 years 5 days a week wouldn’t you be an absolute expert in your field? Yet what do our kids know that will serve them in their future? I’m sure the tools they have learnt which they will use could have been taught in 5 years max. The children/Teens I see are the ones who are creative and intelligent, these are the ones who struggle with a system that is broken and isn’t designed to for their needs. They say if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will grow up in life believing he is dumb, this sums up the the global school system.

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