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Day 11 World Meditation day

Day 11 Heal the world

This post is calling for those of us who believe in a higher power or who use meditation to calm our minds and maintain our mental health. There is a world organization asking for us to meditate at 2.45pm NZ time but all across the globe at the same time.

The link below will take you to a guided meditation or you could just use one you normally use.

If you don’t presently meditate why not give it a try. Just find a comfortable place to sit or lie, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. To start just do 5 minutes. Every time you find your mind wandering just bring it back and focus on your breath again. It is normal to find this hard at first as our minds are normally very active. This is why meditation is good to help anxious minds as it is like a muscle, the more you maintain your focus on just your breathing the more you are able to take back control of that negative monkey mind in everyday life. The best thing about it is it can only do good.

Join us 😊

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