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Does your life feel like Groundhog day?

You know the feeling? wake up to the alarm, make bed, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, or not, and rush out the door for work. At work you spend 85% of your time doing something that doesn't fill you with passion or fulfill your life purpose. Then its time to come home again do the chores, cook the dinner, clean up and watch T.V., before you go to bed and do it all over again.

If this is you (and it is for many) then it is time to re evaluate your life.

It can be scary to jump out of the routine as our subconscious mind consistently moves us towards the familiar and the thought of making big changes can cause our mind and body to display and feel fear at even the thought of change whilst those voices in your conscious mind give you 100 reasons why it isn't a good idea.

Ask yourself what would make you eager to jump out of bed in the morning? or are you happy to stay in your present situation for the next 20 or so years? If these questions make you feel uncomfortable then something needs to change.

Don't worry all you need to do is take baby steps. One step at a time is all it takes.

Choose to do something towards your goal EVERY day

Write your list of what you are going to do each day on a Sunday night for the week ahead

Tick off each task as you achieve it.

Find a friend who will make you accountable for your weekly list, get them to call or text you to check up on how you got on and motivate you if you fall behind.

Remember if you study a subject for an hour per day after 2 years you will be an expert. There are no excuses with online resources now there is nothing you cannot learn.

Live your life to the full and sign up to my website for an exciting webinar coming up on how to remove blockages holding you back and create a detailed plan to move you forward.

Remember ‘Change your mind, Change your Reality’ Kymberley

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