10 Ways to Survive the Winter Blues

Sometimes the treadmill of life gets all too much, especially in the winter when you get up for work in the dark and return home after dark. We feel we want to Hibernate, sleep longer, eat more and feel low on energy. This is the time more than any other time that exercise and getting out doors is most important.

1. Go for a Walk - Ensure that you go for a walk at the weekends and get some fresh air (even if it’s raining).

2. Take regular breaks - If you haven't seen the sun for a while make sure you have a break at lunchtime at work to get outside as soon as the sun comes out.

3. Take Supplements - For those rainy weeks that never seem to end its important that you get yourself a vitamin D supplement and find some natural light somewhere, you can purchase light boxes that you sit in front of twice a day for 30 to 40 minutes which are also a great help. Artificial light does not have the same effect.

4. Meditate - Meditation is also a must to switch off the negative stressful times even for just 15 minutes a day.

5. Get away - Book your holidays in mid-winter as this is the time of year most people start to slump, or go away for a long weekend "a change of scene is as good as a rest".