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Weight loss Without Will Power

If you are like me and have tried every diet going but still not happy with your weight, or lose weight easily to start with then the weight loss slows down and you put it all back on again, you are not alone.

97% of all diets will make you lose weight

BUT only 2% of people keep that weight off.

Did you know that your subconscious mind is designed to move you towards pleasure and away from pain?. This means if you have become addicted to certain foods, your subconscious mind will do everything in its power to convince you to eat them when you are feeling low. Then you feel guilty and frustrated afterwards that you gave in and therefore eat more to feel better.

Rapid Transformation Therapy can help you fight these cravings for good and therefore make weight loss easy.

Want to know more?

Come to my workshop ‘Weightloss Without Will Power’ Thursday July 29th 5.30pm

At Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology Mokoia Drive Rotorua Room F29/30

Tickets for sale on the door only $10.00 Doors close at 5.45pm

For more information visit

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