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To weigh or not to weigh?

My weight loss journey is continuing and to be honest it hasn't been too hard yet. Using self hypnosis and being more aware of my triggers is helping me to stay on track. I cannot say how much I have lost as I have a huge mental issue with scales. This is the reason I can't do weight watchers or any of those slimming clubs. The scales go up and down depending on time of day, time of month and type of scales. However mentally for me if I only lose 1 pound after a week of being really good or worse if I put on a pound, OMG that's it the self hate and loathing kicks in. My subconscious mind goes through the "what's the point, you go through all that depriving myself of my favourite foods and you still put on weight"? or "well if the scales say that I'm going to go and eat chocolate or a cream cake as clearly me avoiding them hasn't worked" etc etc. My subconscious mind needs little excuse to give up. The reason for this is I have always used sugary or fattening foods as a reward, or a comfort, therefore my subconscious mind has been programed throughout my life to crave these foods when I am feeling down, bored, or negative in any way. It is up to me to rewire to find another way to add comfort. I have had a few incidences last week when I could have given in to fried foods or biscuits, when I wasn't even hungry, but my subconscious mind has been told (through self hypnosis) that although I know I can choose to have those foods if I want to. Right now I choose to lose weight instead and am really happy to do that. So far so good, I will keep you posted on my journey.

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