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Who controls your mind?

If YOU don't control your mind someone else will

There are many articles on the web and books written by well informed authors on how subliminal messages are written into advertising, video games and even the news. Unless we are aware of this possibility we will be completely open to beliefs being taken in by our subconscious mind that may not be healthy for us. The article in the link at the end of this blog post is a good overview of some of them.

If you have watched Derren Brown or Paul Mckenna you will see how they trick the mind by setting the scene before they attempt to read their mind, leaving their subject completely bamboozled by how they can work out what they are thinking, only to find that images and sounds had been set up for them to see and hear prior to the trick. If you haven't seen these before it is worth searching youtube.

I have been interested in this for many years and using meditation and self Hypnosis have learnt to take control of my own mind, this helps free your body and mind from stress, negative self talk and lack of self control, to name just a few. You too can take back control of your own mind and mould it the way you want it to be. Copy and paste the below URL into your browser to learn more.

If YOU don't control your mind someone else will

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