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Have you read 'The Secret' By Rhonda Bryne?

If you have'nt read this amazing life changing book or seen the DVD I encourage you to. If you have and still have not had much success with the Law of Attraction then there maybe something in your subconscious mind that is blocking you. In order for your to achieve your dreams and desires you need to ensure that they match up with your beliefs. As the Author says, you have to truly belive that you will have what you are asking for in order to attract them to you.

Let me give you an example, If your father worked long hours all his life and explained to you as a child that that was the only way to afford to put food on the table, and he told you that you needed an education so that you could also have a job to work hard at to pay the bills, then you will struggle to create a business that allows you to work part time hours and earn good money. It just doesn't line up with those beliefs that were instilled in you as a child. You may not even be aware that you have this belief until now.

Hypnosis can bring these beliefs to the surface and help you to change them which will allow you to then believe and achieve the easier better paid job.

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