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Ditch The Diet

Have you, like me, spent many years of your life trying to find a diet that sheds weight permanently? 


Maybe you have tried almost every diet ever invented and lost weight easily but then put it all back on again every time.

Do you feel guilty when you eat your favourite foods and struggle as you consciously deprive yourself of eating what you want to eat? Or are you 'really good' all week and then blow your diet on the weekends or when socialising?

Maybe you struggle to know what to eat with so much conflicting information out there?

Are you embarrassed about your body, and hate looking in the mirror?

How would it feel to be able to lose some of that weight and keep it off? added to that wouldn't it be wonderful to learn to love yourself again, be confident in your own skin and delete the self criticism, and not good enough syndrome.

I can help as I have been where you are and am now free. 

Contact me to discuss your individual needs.

The Ditch the diet Hypnotherapy is a new and innovative weight reduction system that allows you to eat without feeling deprived, because it changes your subconscious programming (unconscious habits and beliefs).


Having been trained by the leading Virtual Gastric Band Therapist, Sheila Granger, who has personally helped clients lose more than 2,000lbs, I wanted to try this method for myself. It has turned into an amazing journey of self discovery, over why I used to eat when I wasn’t hungry; why I chose the wrong foods; and why, whenever I lost the weight with each diet it all went back on again. Now I understand my emotional eating patterns, and once I understood them it was easy for me to change them.


The best thing about this program is that you are not on a diet, therefore you don’t feel deprived,

it’s a win win situation.

Since completing my training with Sheila I can now give the people wanting to lose weight the right mindset to be able to do it themselves. 

Losing weight is ultimately simple, but applying the basic rules, which we are all well aware of is the challenge.

As Sheila says, “It’s quite something when you take stock of what has been achieved in the last few years, I never really had a plan for this to become as big as it has but things have really taken off and I am pleased I have been able to help so many people. When you see just how much weight people have lost it is staggering – I really feel like I am winning the war on weight.”


Results show total aggregate weight loss is 59,315 lbs (26,905kg or 4,236st) which works out at an average of 21lbs per client.

Along with the obvious benefits of the weight loss, the survey has revealed numerous other health benefits being experiences by the clients.

People have recorded reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels, an increase in confidence, self-esteem, happiness, more enjoyment of exercise, stress reduction, loss of anxiety, sleep improvement, increased mobility, a loss of depression and in several cases, an increased libido.

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This is the reason I do what I do. The satisfaction I get from helping people make a lifestyle change which improves their health and makes them happier is wonderful, I know from personal experience how freeing it really is.

I really get a kick out of helping people and the more I start to try to quantify what I have been doing the more I see the results are tangible.

I wish all my clients who have benefited from what I try to do, both directly and indirectly, the very best for the future. The difficult part is losing weight, the really hard part is keeping it off!

I have been offering this amazing weight reduction therapy to my clients in my Omokoroa clinic and on a Wednesday in Tauranga in the Piccadilly Arcade.  I also offer this Treatment  online through Skype or Zoom sessions anywhere in the world.

What is involved?

The Virtual Gastric Band Therapy is a Program which works on the Mindset around food. It is NOT a diet.

Some of the areas we may cover (depending on individual requirements) are:


  • Detailed consultation

  • Explanation of the process

  • Examination & reprogramming of learned behaviors around food

  • Emotional baggage removal

  • Preparation for Virtual Gastric Band procedure

  • Hypnotic gastric band fitment

  • Mp3 take home re-codings and how to use them

  • Subconscious mind conditioning

  • Progress reports and re program of food addictions

  • Tightening of band if required

  • Individual program session depending on needs and requirements

  • Love to exercise programming

  • Self-esteem and confidence building

  • Removal of sugar addiction

  • Subconscious parts negotiation and alignment

  • No turning back programming

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Ready to jump in?

Weight Loss.jpeg

This is a 5 session program.

The 1st two sessions together $250 (allow 2 hours)

Subsequent sessions $160 a session

Or, for more information on how you can finally keep those kilos off

contact me below

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