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Would you like to reduce your weight without dieting?

A few months ago I had the privilege of training with Sheila Granger, the U.K's leading weight loss Hypnotherapist and I have been seeing amazing results in my clients ever since . Having tried every diet it seems on the planet myself, I know only too well that it is relatively easy to lose the weight but the whole time I was on the diet I craved my favourite foods. I rewarded myself with the wrong food when I succeeded in losing a few kilos and then in no time at all it all went back on again sigh!!

Do you identify with any of these eating personalities

What I have learnt is dieting will never work if you feel deprived, because you will always be looking for the food you desire and eventually give in to the craving. This then makes you feel bad for "being so weak" and you give up, well I did.

VGB (Virtual Gastric Band) isn't a diet. Instead we use Hypnosis to change your habits and beliefs around food. We change the emotional habitual eating patterns so that you eat to live not live to eat.

Instead of investing in another diet that you are unlikely to stick to, invest in your mind to change your body, easily and effortlessly for a more permanent result.

Contact me Kymberley for more information. 0275383777 or


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