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Day 18 Think before you act

Day 18 Think before you act

Day 18 Think before you take action

Sometimes when we feel frustrated we make rash decisions, think we know best or just don't think clearly at all.

I have unfortunately experienced some peoples 'judgement' on social media when they have had differing opinions to mine. If you follow me you may know I have been posting some information that I have been looking into and asking people to have a look and make up their own minds on what they think. I believe it is important that we look at the bigger picture and how this situation may affect us in the future, especially with the suggested compulsory vaccinations. I am opposed to this and others think it is a good idea, and that is fine but: I believe we should have freedom of choice. Feel free to post what you want on your page and delete any negative judgement from others as they are free to post their opinions on their own page, that way we can choose to connect with the people we resonate with. Freedom of speech is very important to me as long as it is not hate speech, freedom to do my own research on what i am being told is also important, we shouldn't believe everything we are told.

On the COVID-19 Isolation, I'm pleased to see that the panic buying has slowed down and people are thinking more rationally. If we let our emotions get the better of us we can make stupid mistakes. On the plus side I love the fact that most people are showing kindness and respect to others by saying hello and smiling at strangers whilst out walking, or checking in on elderly neighbours and helping them with shopping. I hope this part continues, and remember when this is all over lets support New Zealand businesses and rely less on overseas goods. Lets keep our heads, stay informed and create a better world of care and connection instead of greed and corruption. Best wishes Kymberley If you are concerned about a loved one Contact me Now or Treatment available over Skype/zoom or in person.

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