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Day 17 Where are you

Who do I want to be

Day 17 Time to change zone

We are hopefully past the half way mark in New Zealand or, maybe not we will have to wait and see. It is time to take stock of where you are now along your journey. Are you still in the Fear Zone? If you are it is time to back away from the media. Take a few days off, not listening to ANYTHING about the virus. Switch off from everything apart from your own environment.

Learning Zone. Are you frantically looking into the answer, the reason, or are you comfort eating, blobbing out binge watching TV? I strongly believe we should be well informed, explore, research, look into information outside the media; however it is easy to become consumed by this, frustrated, even angry. So again limit how much time you spend on this, maybe a couple of hours a day and then find something fun. relaxing or energetic to do. Hopefully it won't be long before you move into the Growth Zone, where you can manage your emotional state, keep calm focusing on the present and planning for the future. Remember I am here if you would like to reach out, just like you I'm not going anywhere for a few weeks.

Take care, heal and protect your mind and your body will follow. Best wishes Kymberley If you are concerned about a loved one Contact me Now or Treatment available over Skype/zoom or in person.

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