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Day 8 Learn something new

Day 8 Learn something new

I was once told if you spent only 2 hours over 5 years studying something new you would become an expert in it. If you are passionate about that subject it would be easy.

It is so easy to learn nowadays with online resources. Gone are the days of having to spend years in a University or polytechnic to learn a skill. OK yes some employers are still old school and only want people with a certain qualification but all this is changing now as experience and reputation goes much further.

My fascination with Hypnotherapy started over 25 years ago after a recommendation to visit a local hypnotherapist when I was suffering from stress and anxiety. The change was so dramatic that it started my journey, of study and achieving qualifications globally from some of the people I believed were the best in their field.

If you are wanting to change your job or career it is never too late, and it doesn’t have to mean full time study. Whatever you want to learn there are resources available online, just ask our friend Google. Start with online free stuff and progress forward to working alongside someone who works in that field in your spare time, then maybe you can pay for qualifications that you have to have in order to run that business or use that new skill in the future. You may find its not as fun as you originally thought so have to go back to the drawing board; well that’s ok too at least you will know.

We spend many hours of our lives working and I couldn’t think of anything worse than waking up in the morning with a feeling of dread that I was having to spend 8 hours or more in a place I hated. It is never too late to change. In the world we live in now there is a myriad of free and cheap resources of information that we can tap into. Remember 2 hours a day maybe all it will take over 5 years or sooner if you desire. Self-Isolation could be your key to move you towards loving your job.

If you need further guidance with this or any other blockages from living a life of freedom then feel free to contact me.

Best wishes keep safe. Kymberley

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