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Day 7 Relax and Reflect

Day 7 Relax and Reflect

Congratulations after today you have completed your first week. use today to rewire your old core beliefs and triggers, to more useful ones, Meditation or self-hypnosis is ideal for this work.

Meditation is also vital for your mental Health.

Here are the latest findings on the benefits of meditation as recorded by Healthline:

12 science-based benefits of meditation

  1. Reduces Stress

  2. Controls Anxiety

  3. Promotes emotional Health

  4. Enhances self-awareness

  5. Lengthens attention span

  6. May reduce age related memory loss

  7. Can generate kindness/ improve emotional intelligence

  8. May help fight addictions

  9. Improves sleep

  10. Helps control pain

  11. Can decrease blood pressure

  12. No nasty side effects.

Meditation is also free, and you only need 10 to 20 minutes a day to make these improvements.

Now is the time to practice it. There are hundreds of meditation or self-hypnosis tracks free on YouTube. Just search and choose one you like the sound of that is only about 10 minute long to start with.

Meditation is not about having the ability to switch the mind off, that is a myth. Yes, it is about learning to quiet the mind from all the negative chatter, but when you start it is normal for your mind to wander. Start off with a guided meditation and follow the instructions. Don’t stick to the same one for weeks because as it comes automatic you may find your mind starts to wander again. Concentrate on your breathing and each time you notice your mind has wandered just go back to concentrating on your breathing again. Meditation is like strengthening any muscle it takes repetition, time and practice.

Hypnosis is the same as meditation so listening to one of my hypnotherapy re codings has the same effect on the mind and body. Listening to these create new neural pathways in the brain so with these the changes still occur if your mind does wander. The difference is I add Binaural beats which create changes in the brain wave pattern to access the subconscious mind directly.

One of my favourite meditations however is the 6 Phase meditation by Mindvalley. This is one I use when I want to achieve changes or goals in my life.

Meditation has helped me overcome depression and Anxiety. Depression has been present in my life many times and it wasn’t until I discovered meditation and of course hypnotherapy that things really changed. The funny thing is some days I forget to do it and I really notice the difference in how my day pans out. I find myself thinking “why am I feeling tetchy or frustrated or tearful” then I realise I haven’t done my meditation so I fit it in as soon as I can and shift my emotional vibration.

It is especially useful when dealing with clients suffering severe PTSD or Anxiety as I need it to connect and then seem to have an uncanny understanding as to what is happening within my clients allowing me to help them make massive shifts in their lives during the session.

I listen to hypnosis re codings every night depending on what shifts I require in my life, this has led me to living the life of my dreams, I cannot stress enough how amazingly powerful meditation/hypnosis is as I am living proof to myself.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose????

If you wish to learn more PM me your email address and I will subscribe you to my newsletter.

Take care of your body AND your mind.

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