Day 6 Relationships and Communication

Day 6 relationships and Communication

Because I work with clients globally other countries have been in lockdown for longer than those of us in NZ. Statistics show that during stressful times relationships can suffer the most, especially in these unusual times when people are forced to stay with the elected few and unable to let off steam with family and friends when things are not going to plan.

Now is the time to learn more about your partner, children, colleague that you are in isolation with.

Strong Emotional Intelligence is the key to strong relationships. This means not only have a strong understanding of your triggers and emotions but also an understanding of the emotions and triggers of the ones who you spend time with.

That is why communication is the key. Your beliefs are more likely different to those around you. Yes, you may have plenty of things in common which is why you are friends or colleagues BUT your original programing, the filter through which you make decisions is very likely different. This original programming is also where many of your emotional triggers come from.