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Day 5 Research

Day 5 Research

Now you have a greater understanding of what you would like to change in your life it is time to do some research.

The internet is an amazing tool with so much information. By using YouTube, Google, Udemy, Pinterest and even Facebook there is so much to discover. If you are thinking of a career change, research what those new jobs entail. Search things like ‘what is the most rewarding job in the world?’ or what career shows the greatest job satisfaction?

Maybe you want to move to a different part of the country or overseas, again research on how easy it is to move to these countries, what other people are saying about it.

Or if you want to improve your relationship search online tools and tips, books you can read (my favorites are ‘The 5 love languages’ and Women are from Venus Men are from Mars’). Put a plan in place as to what you are wanting to change, discuss with your partner if you feel safe to do so or research good couples counselling, check reviews.

Maybe you have decided you would like to work from home more? Now would be a great time to research jobs that you could do or if you can use your talents to set up your own business.

Talk to others over skype or messenger who are doing things that interest you, find out if they might be the right fit for you. You can even research new exercise techniques. I heard the new Figure 8 is an amazing workout and fun to do.

If you are concerned you may be putting on weight during this time research the latest weight reduction techniques. I used to eat more when I was working from home as the food was calling me. I find what works best for me is fasting. This means I don’t eat until 12 noon and then nothing after 8pm at night. You can drink clear fluids like black tea and coffee but nothing that is seen as food. The latest research shows remarkable health benefits in this. You do however have to have your head in the right place when it comes to food addiction. This I can help you with.

So spend some time online today see what changes you could make to reach your future goals and desires.

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