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Do you give up on your New Year Weight Loss Goals too quickly? It may not be your fault.

Have you ever wondered why our subconscious mind seems to sabotage us when it comes to weight loss. I mean we look at our bodies in the mirror and decide we don’t like what we see.

Maybe we see a fat body or lumps,

or we perceive our thighs as huge

or we see ourselves as ugly.

We suffer from those negative ‘you’re not good enough’ thoughts, the ones where we worry what other people will think of us.

So, we tell ourselves that something has to change. We decide we are going to do something about it like eat healthier, exercise more and drink more water.

Then the cake and biscuits come into view and the morning talk about eating healthier, turns into “go on eat that cake you know you want to, one more won’t make any difference, it will make you feel better, you like cake”, “once its all gone you won’t have anymore”.

This makes us wonder if our minds have split personalities. What is it that is sabotaging our desire to be healthy and why would our mind do that?

It may seem that there is a part of us that wants to eat healthy and lose weight, BUT there seems to be a different part of us that is hell bent on making us fail.

When it comes to diets, we can keep that self-sabotaging part at bay for a while. Convincing ourselves we cannot eat those fatty sugary foods, we shouldn’t eat them, we can never eat them again, they are ‘Bad’ ‘Naughty’ ‘Those that must not be mentioned’. And Yet! Its all we can think about, that sabotaging part of us trying to find any excuse, valid reason why we need to cave in, and it can be very convincing, until you do give in, and then comes the disappointing self-loathing and the cycle starts all over again.

One of the sessions I give in the ‘Ditch the Diet’ Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program is called ‘Part’s Therapy’. This is a method of having a discussion with those two different parts of you to find out what their goal is, what is the outcome they are hoping for? In order to stop the struggle, those two parts need to be on the same page, heading towards the same goal and once this has happened it will put you back in control, and those nagging annoying voices will work with you instead of against your goals. This is just one of the many tools my clients love about my ‘Ditch the Diet’ program.

If you have tried all the diets, or continually self-sabotage your goals,

then to find out more feel free to contact me

Kymberley Carter-Paige

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