Stress less Christmas

Christmas should be a time for family fun, time off work for rest and relaxation, yet more often than not it can cause stress, heartache, overwork and money worries.

Below are 10 Tips to survive the stressful parts of Christmas

  1. Take it in turns as to who hosts Christmas each year. It will make others appreciate the work involved and encourage them to help out more.

2. Don’t do everything yourself. Give older family members who are visiting either a job to do, e.g. games master, peacekeeper, childcare assistant, drinks waiter or ask them to contribute by bringing the Desserts or Nibbles, or Christmas cake.

3. Prolong the present opening ceremony by playing a game like, ‘throw a 6 on a die before you can unwrap a present, throw a 5 you have to make the coffee or serve the next round of drinks, throw a one and you lay the table etc., you get the idea. With younger children ask an adult to create a treasure hunt with clues as to where the presents are hidden. One hunt in the morning, one after lunch and another at teatime if you have enough, the kids will love it. Prior to the treasure hunt set a task e.g. the kids will have to clean away all the dishes or lay the table or tidy up their stuff before they can play the game. You will be surprised at how keen your teen suddenly becomes in washing up a few dishes.