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Which one would you choose?

Prior to my VGB journeyI would have struggled with these amazing choices. You see I was a chocoholic and these deserts would have had me wanting to order 3 or 4 and then take some home too. And then there were the times I was on a diet that I would have fought between “I want one” and “I shouldn’t have one you are weak if you eat one” Invariably I would have given in with the excuse “ it’s just one I’ve been really good I deserve it” followed by “OMG I can’t believe you gave in whatever is the matter with you?” Etc etc

But since my VGB, sugary foods no longer bully me I am in control. Yes I still wanted one and with my new mindset I could have had one if I really wanted to but. I chose to eat a healthy lunch first and then when I was no longer hungry I could look at these desserts objectively and realise I’m not hungry anymore and yes I could still have one but I am happier to choose wearing jeans that don’t cut into me. Not to have the muffin top and to be happy with my body. It was an easy decision to make whereas in the past I would have really  struggled. Yes I do still eat chocolate and the occasional cake, but to be honest I am satisfied with just a small amount.

You see the Ditch the diet VGB program changes the way you THINK and feel about food which means you are in control. This is why it is the answer to permanent weight reduction.

Which would you choose?

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