Do you have or know someone who has an Eating Disorder? I can help

Food phobia

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are – anyone can have an eating disorder and every person’s experience of an eating problem is unique.

Eating disorders are mental health problems that involve:

  • always thinking about eating, or not eating

  • feeling out of control around food

  • using food to meet needs other than hunger

  • having an obsession about food, weight and body shape.

There are four types of eating disorders that we most often hear about:

Anorexia: Where a person believes they are fat, even when they are not and may have lost a lot of weight.

Bulimia: Where a person eats very large amounts of food because they are starving. Then they worry about gaining weight so they make themselves vomit, takes laxatives or exercises to extremes.

Binge eating disorder: Where a person eats an excessive amount of food within a short period of time (two hours) and feels a loss of control while eating.

Other eating disorders: Where a person has signs of either bulimia or anorexia but not enough signs to definitely state they have these conditions. This category is often called Eating Disorder not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) by doctors, and usually occurs at an early age. It is very common and doctors treat is as seriously as the other categories of eating disorder.