8 Ways to teach your Child Compassion

With the shootings in America and yet another horrific child abuse case here on our own turf in New Zealand I am wondering as I expect many of you are what is happening in people’s heads to think this is OK.

In my profession I understand how a series of traumatic events in a child’s life can push them to become an abuser or killer in adult life, what I can’t understand however is the governments lack of ‘balls’ to do anything about it.

The death of the Kahui twins has still to this day not bought anybody to justice as the family covered up the deaths, and now just last week a poor innocent baby was beat around the head and face, then the pig of a man attacker shoved a hard solid object in the mouth of the baby cutting up the inside and outside causing him to end up in hospital with extensive injuries, including fractured cheekbones and eyes so swollen he couldn’t open them.

The attack is upsetting enough but what is more shocking is that the Judge (Judge Denise Clark) gave him 6 months home detention.