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Why other peoples opinions don't matter

How many times have you had a great idea and then somebody has squashed it in a few seconds, or felt passionate about something and then some busy body sticks their opinion into the mix and suddenly it doesn’t seem so exciting after all? This happens all the time to most of us. The difference between the successful people and those who are stuck in the same mundane situation though is whether you listen to others or not. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take other peoples advice, what I am saying however is does you ‘sister’ have the qualifications to give you advice on financial matters? I mean is she a millionaire? If not, why are you taking her advice. Are people at work telling you that starting your own business will never work? Well unless they are themselves business owners then they are not qualified to give you advice. Its time to listen to the people who have achieved the success you are after, NOT those who just have ‘OPINIONS’. Your parents have your best interest at heart, but things work differently now then they did when they were young. If you want to be successful ask the opinion of those who have been successful in what you want to do, at least you know you will be getting valuable advice. Time to let your light shine.

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