Do you think you may be the victim of Workplace bullying?

Unfortunately, workplace bullying is on the rise and the effects it has on the individual and the company as a whole is massive, costing companies time and money and employees often their health.

The dynamics are also changing with women more often being the perpetrator. Victims of bullying can be male or female and are usually good loyal staff members who have been well regarded in the past.

Bullying is a serious matter which effects people mentally and physically, symptoms include

  • Nausea, Anxiety, Headaches, Fatigue, Depression, lack of motivation

  • Reduction in self-esteem and confidence in their role.

  • Taking more time to complete tasks as they keep on checking everything they do due to fear of consequences if they make even the smallest of mistakes.

  • Lack of passion for their role and the company in general resulting in lack or focus and just working automatously which dilutes creativity, innovative thinking.

  • Emotional distance from family, friends and work colleagues.

  • Feeling inadequate, undervalued, unsupported and powerless.

  • Mental numbness, apathy.

As you can see the results are damaging not only for the employee but also the company in general.

The Perpetrators are game players who like to make themselves look better by undermining others. They climb the corporate ladder by meeting company Strategic KPI’s by unscrupulous means treading on and destroying anybody who gets in their way. To the CEO and higher management, they appear as one of the nicest most supportive employee’s, as they play and act the perfect part.

Bullies use a variety of methods to destroy anybody around them who may be a threat to them climbing the corporate ladder.

Bullies don’t target the weakest, they pick on the employees who are good at what they do, and who they perceive as a threat to their journey to the top. They are often narcissistic but on the outside come across as the most charming passionate and loyal employees.

Females often use flirting techniques to win over higher management demonstrating Charisma and passion for the decisions made at the top with an absolute passion for the company. They have perfected their acting roles and could win an Oscar for their performances in front of their leaders.

In complete contrast they use mind games to their victims and create environments to completely destroy the victims self-esteem to the point that even the victim starts to believe they are no longer capable of doing their job. This includes (amongst many other things)

  • Isolating the victim from their supportive network of work colleagues or team

  • Undermining their victim to the other team members or finding fault with their achievements in front of others.

  • They set them up to fail, by giving them a job to complete and then denying it in a team meeting to make the victim look like they are losing control.

  • They deliberately miss them out of emails or invites to meetings and berate them in front of the team for not turning up or knowing what is going on.

  • If they are the victims line manager, they may arrange meetings with them and HR or another manager and come across as supportive and caring offering to assist them with their workload to make it appear the victim is not coping with their job.

  • If others start to become suspicious that the victim is telling the truth the bully often turns it around to make it look like the victim is the bully, by crying and making up stories and scenarios where they have supposedly been victimised by the innocent party.

  • They can make a mockery of the victim, laughing at them and encouraging others to do the same.

  • They Spread vicious rumours and lies.

  • They Ignore their victim, giving them the silent treatment, rolling their eyes at them, deliberately leaving them out of conversations, so that they don’t know what’s going on and look incompetent.

NEVER underestimate a bully, they know exactly what they are doing and play the game slowly and religiously, the harder you fight the more they enjoy the challenge and will fight back.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to win the battle against the bully. If you report it, they will make your work life hell, deny everything and find a way to come out looking good. If you win a battle against your employer through a court tribunal battle (which is extremely stressful for you and your family) when you apply for another position elsewhere you are legally obliged to disclose the fact you have taken court action against a previous employer if asked (many employment contracts, ask this question now).

So what can you do.