If you have been struggling or hurting with a relationship and you feel you are not to blame despite

Do you play emotional games in your head? E.g. “I will pretend I’m not interested and wait for them to contact me”, “I will flirt with someone else or find a way to make them jealous”, “what you said really hurt me so I am going to say something to hurt you”

Or do you go for the silent treatment “I’m fine!!!!!!” and walk off huffing and puffing

Then when things have calmed down you bring up the original argument time and time again with each new analogous situation.

Really? At the time it might seem the logical thing to do but when you look at the situation objectively, when you are not feeling emotional, you should be able to notice that your REAL needs you are aiming for are not being met, so maybe it is time for a different approach.

Why do you push love away when you are trying to get closer?

Why do your relationships keep failing? And the same old problems keep repeating themselves?