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7 Steps to Treating Anxiety before it takes a hold

Anxiety is a horrible affliction that can leave you feeling completely powerless. It may start as a slight discomfort in a certain situation and then escalate to being completely frozen to the spot unable to breath with heart pounding out of your chest, sweaty palms and speechless. Often the trigger can be deep within the subconscious mind and unknown to the conscious mind. Trying to reassure yourself doesn't often help so you just ride it out and your fear grows as you wait for the next time.

Anxiety however can be treated and Rapid Transformation Therapy has helped people all over the world to be free from these life halting symptoms, try and see somebody sooner rather than later for help as the longer you leave it the harder it is to live with it.

What to do during an attack

  1. If you feel an attack coming on, move yourself to a quiet place or outside in the fresh air.

  2. Let someone know you are feeling unwell, they don't need to know the details.

  3. Ask for a large glass of water and drink it as soon as you are able. This will dilute the Cortisol running around in your body which is causing your body to go into shock and your rational mind to shut down.

  4. Concentrate on your breathing and take long deep slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, keep going the quicker you can slow your breath the quicker the anxiety will go.

  5. Once you have your breath under control you will be able to start thinking clearly again. Remove yourself from the situation and find somebody you can trust to distract you with conversation on a different subject.

  6. Once you are feeling better call someone and ask them to be your support.

Your support person can be contacted by phone and all they need to do is match your breathing and talk you through each breath to slow it back down. Rapid breathing makes the heart race and the adrenaline pump so it important to get this under control.

7. The next time you start to experience the anxiety coming on ring your support person and give them a sign that you need their help. Then they can mentor you to concentrate on your breathing if your rational brain starts to fog.

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