Seven Things to Expect From Your Narcissistic Employee

Seven Things to Expect From Your Narcissistic Employee


For those of you in business below is a good article in what to look out for when employing staff. Over confidence is not always a good thing.

The narcissistic personality trait describes individuals that believe they are special, have a sense of entitlement, require excessive admiration, lack empathy, are interpersonally exploitive, and are arrogant and haughty. As defined by one of its most frequently used measures, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI, Raskin & Hall, 1981), there are four dimensions to the narcissistic personality (Emmons, 1984):

1. Exploitiveness/Entitlement: The belief that one is adept at manipulating people and is entitled to do so.

2. Leadership/Authority: The belief that one possesses an extraordinary ability to influence others and thus prefers positions of leadership and authority.

3. Superiority/Arrogance: The belief that one is just better than others and is a born leader.