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Dry July

If the thought of giving up alcohol for a whole month or even reducing it feels you with dread or if you have tried 'Dry July' and failed already then you may have a problem. A large amount of clients come to me not because they are 'Alcoholics' but because alcohol has become a crutch or a habit which they would like to reduce. If you find yourself drinking alcohol in the morning regularly or every lunch time and evening then you may need to give up completely. However many of my clients just find they are either drinking more than a glass every night, or consuming more than a bottle of wine regularly or the equivalent spirits to either relax themselves or to give them courage. This type of drinking can be easily fixed as it is more of a habit than an addiction. Most people who drink this way are either trying to dumb down emotions or feel that they are not enough and feel that drinking gives them the courage to be who people expect them to be. With people labelled as 'Alcoholics' the story is the same. It is far easier to say "people don't love me because I am a alcoholic" or "people don't love me because I become difficult when I drink" than "people don't like me because I am not enough or lovable".

I have found that the majority of cases some childhood trauma or situation in the past with repeated comments or judgment on the persons lack of ability or worth is the key to why alcohol is used to numb the pain; or create a fake personality. It is easier to pretend to be someone you are not, as when the pretend persona is judged or rejected then it doesn’t matter/hurt so much as it isn’t the real you.

With RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) these problems can be easily resolved to allow you to live your life purpose and re discover the real you without the pain of the past.

The subconscious mind moves you towards pleasure and away from pain. So the solution is to reprogram your subconscious mind to see the thing you crave as pain and the lack of it pleasurable. For example, people who decide to become vegetarians do so for various reasons. Some because of their love of animals, if these vegetarians were offered a juicy steak they would be disgusted, they may have loved steak in the past, but they have changed their image of that steak. They now see that steak with vivid images of how the animal was slaughtered to enable the meat to be put on the plate, and as an animal lover this will make their choice easy. Once this is repeated again and again the subconscious mind automatically links steak with pain and not eating it to pleasure equalling a new neuropathway which becomes permanent.

Next time you sit there with a whole bottle of wine just think of a few worse case scenarios to you drinking it, find the pain really feel it and then look for the pleasure when you don’t drink the whole bottle. If you do this often enough it will become your new habit. Alternatively contact me at for a treatment and 21 day recording to rewire your neuropathways for you.

Happy not drinking. Kymberley.

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