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The Law of Attraction Works

For a number of years I have been visualising the house of my dreams. A stunning sea view with a balcony and a large kitchen/ Living. I have proved to myself that the pictures you make in your head and the words you speak and think create your life's goals. It may not be instant but it is Law. Having read 'The Secret' 10 or so years ago I have continued my pursuit in learning the law of attraction and how emotion plays a large part in the final key to success. There are many useful articles on-line and 'Youtube' videos that can assist you to understand this law, all you need to do is search using Google. Below is my house well on the way to completion.

If you have tried to use The Law of Attraction and yet there still seems to be blockages or you struggle to believe your dreams are possible you may have unconscious blockages holding you back. .Rapid Transformation Therapy can remove those blockages and help you on your pathway to reaching your dreams, contact me for an appointment at

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