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Have you lost your Life Purpose?

Some people call it the ‘Midlife crisis’ but it doesn’t have to be a ‘Crisis’. We often come to that time in our lives when we need a change. Maybe the kids have left home, you’ve been in your job for too long or you just don’t get excited anymore.

If this is you, then it’s time to look elsewhere to find your passion. Get off of the treadmill of life with the same old Groundhog Day and look for something that excites you. It could be a new hobby or change of job role, moving of house or meeting a new group of friends, we all need new experiences to give us the excitement to get up in the morning.

Life is too short to be boring. If you hate your job start your own business in the evenings or weekends, maybe work with some friends to create something new, start researching that job you would love to have instead of the one you feel you have to have.

Marriages break up when they become stale if one of the partners chooses to find excitement elsewhere. Before things get to that point re-invent the relationship by finding new interests together, or maybe you both need to find a new hobby that you do separately but give you something else to talk about when sitting at the dining room table. Book a weekend away, it doesn’t have to be far but a change of scene is great and will stop you doing the same old thing weekend after weekend just out of habit.

Travel is a great way to find your passion again as new experiences wake up your senses, and even booking a trip away can give you something good to focus on and look forward to. All too often we sit in the ‘Status Quo’ because it is easier to stay in your comfort zone than to take a risk and do something new. However your comfort zone soon becomes boring and can dull your light as you plod on in automatic pilot not enjoying anything and existing rather than living.

Come on life is too short. There are many people out there that didn’t make it to your age and would have loved to have experienced new countries, new skills, new relationships etc if they had the chance.

Come on make the change live life to the full and take a risk.

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