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Rewind and live like a child again

What is your “brain plasticity switch?”

As children, we absorb new beliefs and ideas like sponges. If something challenges a past belief or experience, we don’t get attached to one point of view — our opinions and beliefs are malleable.

From birth until about the age of 12, our brains have a tremendous amount of plasticity, as they are making millions of new connections between neurons every minute. At this point, our brain plasticity switch — the ability to be open and receptive to new beliefs — is turned on.

However, once we become teenagers and young adults, we start to become creatures of habit. From this point on, we begin to simply rely on our memory banks to help us make sense of the world... and the brain plasticity switch is slowly turned off. John Assaraf

With RTT we can go back to those childhood days and change the past beliefs, freeing those blockages and beliefs you have held onto for so long. Then we can build up new beliefs by exploring, visualising and looking forward to reaching our goals and dreams, its never too late to change your reality.


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