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Be True to Yourself

Many of my clients come to me because they have lost their sense of who they are. We take on so many roles as employee, parent, child, carer, social friend and often we feel we need to take on a different role in order to be accepted in each area. After years of playing these different and often conflicting roles we forget who we truly are. This is often diagnosed by friends and family as 'mid life crisis'. In fact it is often after the children have left home and you move towards middle age that you start to look at your life and wonder if it has been wasted. You begin to realise that you are not immortal and you spend most of your life working in maybe a job that doesn't fulfill your emotional needs and sleeping with little time to do what you want in between. This is a wake up call to pursue your life purpose. How do you find out what that is I hear you ask. Look at the things you do that you enjoy, the things where time disappears and you feel great afterwards. See if you could reduce your time at work, make the effort to catch up with friends and loved ones and book that weekend away or book the holiday to explore. DREA,M, DREAM, DREAM is the key. Imagine what you want, who you want to be and take steps towards them each day. Make a plan don't just let your future years drift on by. Having a goal to look forward to will energise and excite you. Most of all find yourself again and be you.

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